The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Affair 10/?

The Brain Killer Affair: in which the Section Ones demonstrate why they’re in charge.

This episode reminds me strongly of a number of Get Smart episodes. Which was kind of the point of those episodes, I guess. Anyway, we finally get a glimpse into how UNCLE’s other agents and Sections work. Mr. Waverly gets a chance to do something (even though he does get kidnapped by THRUSH), Illya gets frozen and Napoleon just straight up starts bribing people.

The best scene is the ending one, with Mr. Waverly recuperating and his temporary replacement, the Calcutta Sectionhead, coming to visit him. I just really like the idea that the fun, one-up-manship filled, caring yet mocking relationship between Napoleon and Illya is actually just a trait of most of the strong relationships in U.N.C.L.E. Even among the old Section One heads.

Have I mentioned this is one of my favorite episodes?  Seriously, Illya manages to get caught as a stowaway, practically convinces the captain to adopt him, mutinies, and comes out smelling …well not like a rose possibly like a whole lot of brandy.

Meanwhile, Mr. Waverly does his usual “UNCLE thanks you by granting your most fond wish that happens to be afforable”.

… he’s the kind of sentimental grandmother who defends her grandkids with a shotgun and a grenade in her garters

most favorite thing I ever said about Waverly tonight

in the context that he called himself Sentimental Grandmother of the Year after allowing Napoleon to go on a suicide mission.

Oh no, I’ve finished watching through Man from Uncle! I liked season four’s return to spy stories rather than camp stories. There were only two episodes I didn’t particularly care for, but I didn’t hate them. Out of 16 that’s better average than seasons 2-3.

The Deep Six Affair:  Napoleon and Illya are great in this episode; Mr. Waverly is wonderful and his exasperation at his agents is the best. I bet Mr. Waverly was the best spy to ever spy, so he doesn’t understand why his agents just don’t get on with it. I also really like that this episode and the following two-parter deal with issues within UNCLE. Plus this episode features a bonus of an UNCLE agent being competent and not getting killed right away!

The Seven Wonders of the World Affair:  Its interesting watching this decades after its cancellation, knowing this two-parter is the final story. This story feels darker, perhaps because the preceding episode was more straight-forward. While this episode might have been trying to juggle a bit much, it did bring up the issues of means to an end. Its interesting though that the show ends on questions of how history will perceive the actions of the present and a literal funeral procession.

I would have loved to see this be a full season. Watching through the series, I’m curious how this show would have gone if it was written for modern tv audiences. Especially with the fourth season it would have been nice to have connecting storylines. Imagine if after Deep Six and Seven Wonders the second half of the season had plotlines dealing with the weakening or fracturing of UNCLE, or possibly Napoleon or Illya losing faith in UNCLE and thinking about leaving. Or any number of stories really. Too bad that tv at the time was still kind of procedural. Can a good writer make a modern day Man From Uncle? That would be nice.