Added a bunch more necklaces to my Etsy!

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I can take special requests and custom orders too c:

If anything, reblogging this would help me a lot. I am just starting selling these on Etsy and it’d be awesome if I could get traffic on my page. <3

Hi, I’m Alex! I’m 15 and from Canada. I ship troyler and phan the most.
Last meetup I wanted to reach my last goal and went above and beyond expectations, could that happen again? I need 50 more till my next hundred, I know that’s a lot to ask but it would be awesome. I’ll also be following back❤️❤️❤️❤️

Here it is folks! These are the official teams of the Multi Battle Tournament:

Team A - radonkalmor and dandan-tsun-kun
Team B - tunnaa-unnaa and elderwoodsy
Team C - fruitywhompus and kawaii-tachko
Team D - fancychansey and strawberryripple
Team E - tyruntzz and whirlipedes
Team F - king-of-swords and vincentvonblaze
Team G - poison-heal and flareuk
Team H - apple-rpg and ssbmfreak36
Team I - fishdogfoodshack and palletprince
Team J - agentsquirtle007 and kingofthenightlosers
Team K - boom-the-exploud and bientemps
Team L - bertiebertholdt and helios193
Team M - alex-wilder and pitchinthefandomist

The first round of the tournament will begin on Wednesday, February 4th. There will be four rounds to the tournament, each lasting a week. This means that the two teams set to battle will have a week to find a common time and battle.
Also, since there is 13 teams, three of them will not play in the first round and will move straight to the second round. Will you be one of these teams? In the meantime, contact your partner and start talking strategy! The tournament bracket will be posted on Tuesday, February 3rd so stay tuned!