Harry Potter as a Television Series 

Harry Potter: Next Generation Seasons 15 - 

James Potter -  Nicholas Hoult 

Albus Potter - Logan Lerman

Lily Potter - Georgie Henley 

Hugo Weasely- Eddie Redmayne

Rose Weasely- Sophie Turner 

Victoire Weasley- Teresa Palmer 

Dominique  Weasley- Dianna Agron

Louis Weasley- Max Irons 

Scorpius Malfoy - Alex Pettyfer 

Teddy Lupin - Luke Newberry 

Fred Weasley II - Dudley O’shaughnessy

Roxanne Weasley - Katerina Graham 

Lorcan & Lysander Scamander - Hunter Parrish

We Have a Go: to listen to whilst reminiscing over Gen. 3 [listen]

01. Youth- Daughter  02. Ships in the Night- Katie Costello  03. Sinking Friendships- Jónsi  04. Don’t Go- Rae Morris  05. The Deserters- Rachel Zeffira  06. Rivers- Kankouran  07. 212 Azealia Banks  08. Glockenspiel Song- Dog Is Dead  09. Get Lucky(Daughter Cover)- Daft Punk  10. It’s Alright, Follow- Kankouran  11. Young Blood (Cover)- The Naked and Famous  12. New Slang- The Shins  13. Mirrors in the Moonlight- Noosa  14. Tomorrow- Daughter