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"Alex you have to be serious. Come on" Tano spoke as he tugged me twords the meeting room.

I lightly pushed him away and stoped. I pulled my sweater back into place and pushed my bangs to the side “it’s so boring! All were going to talk about are my sales for the week.” I mumbled.

He roled his eyes and began to tug me again this time harder. “Alex, Mike called this meeting himself. Now when the head of the record label calls you in for a meeting you show up. It dosnt matter if he just wants to talk about horse shit you sit and listen.” He snapped.

I sighed and chuckled at his sudden outburst. “Did my sister finally give you your balls back?” I laughed.

His face grew red as he playfully roled his eyes and shoved me. “No she has them in a jar still. Now please get in there.”

I chuckled and nodded before bursting through the door and smiling. I shook everybody’s hands before sitting down. “Hiya” I greeted.

Mike laughed and shook his head before standing up with Tano. They both pulled a massive box out of the closet and carried it next to me.
as soon as they were both seated again they smiled.

"Well go on open it." Mike chuckled.

I looked at Tano and saw him smiling huge. I quickly stood up and began to open it. I brought my fingertips to my mouth.

"You made it to number one in 97 countries Alex, with a platinum album." Tano smiled " surprise"

I sat down and shook my head “I swear if I’m being punked.” I mumbled as I pulled at my hair.

"You’re not Alex." Tano confirmed. He then pulled me into a hug.

"We have another surprise." Mike added "you, Alex Lozano will be going on your first ever world tour!"

My jaw droped. I pulled away from Tano and attacked Mike in a hug. “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” I screamed.

He laughed and nodded. “Tickets go on sale next month, in 2014 you will start your Awake tour.”

"That’s three months." Tano pointed out.

I felt my cheeks go wet, I quickly took my sleeve and wiped them away. “This is the best early birthday present ever” I cryed

"Ohh yeah" Mike chuckled "your birthdays in three days."

I nodded “I’m turning sixteen. I can finally drive!” I laughed. “Without you shouting at me” I pointed to Tano.

Tano seemed offended “well sorry if I don’t trust you on the highway. May I remind you that I have three kids I need to get back to.”

I roled my eyes and pointed at Mike “he’s still in one piece isn’t he?” I asked.

Mike leaned against the tabel, amused with mine and tano’s little fight.

"That’s because he hasn’t gone on a freeway with you."

I put my hands up. “Okay fine, I suck at driving.” I spat “happy?”

"Yes" he smiled.

I looked at mike who was picking at his nails. “You know Warner Brothers has asked to make a movie about you as well. Seeing that it is your first big tour.”

Mine and tano’s jaws droped. “A movie?” I asked “about me?”

He nodded “its like Justin biebers Never Say Never movie. Its a documentary.” He corrected.

I sat down. Everything was being thrown at me at once. First my album, then the world tour and now a movie.

"I just, this is to much." I let out a gust of air. "Tell them ill do it. Ill do the documentary."

Tano clapped to get our attention “why didn’t anybody ask the maneger before makeing this big of a deal.”

I laughed and lightly shoved him “you might be my maneger but remember you’ll always be my brother in law first.”

He nodded and fluffed my hair “lets go, remember we have lunch with your sister from hell and her annoying boyfriend.” He joked.

I laughed and got up “Jose and Ale aren’t that bad.”

"Jose crashed your Range Rover." He reminded.

"Ohh yeah.. never the less were stuck with him." I chuckled.

I gave Mike another quick kiss and hug before following Tano out. I glanced at the paparazzi that were takeing pictures from a distance.

"This" I said as I pointed to the paparazzi "I will never get used to."

"Who said they were here for you?" He asked "clearly they’re here for me." He joked. "I called them and told them I’d be here. So suck it loser."

I roled my eyes and got into my car. I followed him to the restaurant and chuckled when I won the closest parking space.

"You little brat." He laughed.

I blew him a kiss before quickly running inside. I found Jose and Ale sitting in a booth with my favorite person sitting on Jose’s lap.

"Natiley!" I shouted, earning a couple stares from everybody. I ignored them and quickly ran over to the one month old. I snatched her from Jose and gave her kisses. "Hows my little baby?" I coo’d

"She’s mine." Jose growled.

"Quiet you, or ill send you the bill for the car you crashed" I spat.

We both playfully glared at each other before breaking out into laughs.

"How was New York?" He asked.

I smiled and sat down while playing with natiley. “It was amazing.” I gushed. “You should have seen how many people showed up to see me perform.”

"We did." Ale laughed "we watched you on the today show."

I smiled at Tano who was growling “this little brat made me park on the far side of the parking lot.” He spat.
“Hi natiley.” He greeted.

"You guys do know that she dosnt understand you yet right?" Ale laughed.

Tano roled his eyes and took natiley from my arms and began to bounch her on his leg. “Have you told them?” He asked.

I shook my head and bit my lip.

"Told us what?" Jose asked.

I smiled and cleared my throat “my album made it platinum in 97 countries.” I began.

Ale cheered and high fived me over the tabel as Jose smiled.

"That’s not it." Tano added. "She’s going on her first world tour in three months."

Yet again they had the same reaction but a little more sad this time.

"You guys alright?" I asked

Ale shook her head “how long will you be gone?” she asked.

I looked over at Tano who was quietly playing with Natiley. He noticed us all starring and coughed . “Well Mike told me over the phone she would be gone for at least ten months to a year.”

My jaw droped.

"A year?" Ale asked . I saw her eyes already getting teary eyed. I scooted over and let her wrap her arms around me. "She can’t leave that long."

"That’s long." Jose huffed.

"You guys can fly out to visit." I offered.

Ale seemed to tence up more “have you told mom?”

My eyes widdened. Our mom wasn’t always the happiest. I remember when I told her Tano was my maneger and I was releasing a album she became very, very upset. Thinking that the ‘pop star life’ wasn’t something that could get me through life. She always had dreams of me being a doctor or lawyer. If it wasn’t for my dad who signed saying I could record with SYCO entertainment I’m sure I’d still be that awkward girl sitting in her room.

"No" I answered.

"Are you going to tell her?" Jose asked "so I can get my family far away from the crime scene." He joked.

Ale elbowed him and shook her head.

"She can’t complain." I sighed "I did buy her two homes."

"Because you offered." Ale growled "don’t hold that over her head. Or any of our heads for that matter."

I nodded and looked down, scooting away from her. “My dad aggred.”

"To releasing the album and merchandise. Not for his little girl to tour the world alone." Ale snaped

"I wont be alone!" I protested "tano’s going with me."

"For three-fourths of the tour. The other chunck your road maneger will be in charge. And anyways, your dad already signed a contract. You have permission. Ale you have no idea on what your saying so shut up." Tano laughed, causeing a glare from Ale.

"Can we talk about something else?" I asked as I looked at the menu.

They all nodded but for the rest of lunch nobody said one word.


"I’m tired." I whined as I slumped against the hood of the car. Tano chuckled and locked his car.
I looked up at the house I had boughten, I asked Juana and Tano to move in when I first moved out here to be my temporary parents.

"You broke the law" Tano sighed as he rubbed his face "you know you can’t drive alone."

I sighed “I was technically suppost to be born four days ago. Hence I’m sixteen already.”

"No you’ll be sixteen in three days. I never asked you, what do you want for your birthday?"

I laughed at his question “your kidding?”

He seemed confused “I’m kidding?”

I nodded “Tano Im going on tour, I made it number one and I have a movie. What else can I ask for?” I questioned.

He hit me on the head and laughed “why aren’t you normal? Most people would say; Car, Money, Sex?”

I laughed and shook my head “I have two of those three things plus you know I’m waiting till marriage.”

He nodded “good. That way I dont have to work on covering a sex tape like Kris did with Kim Kardashian”

I laughed and followed him into the house. We both walked into the kitchen; pushing and shoveing.

"Juana!!" I screamed as I opened the fridge to find it empty. I pouted and saw Tano had the same expression as me.

"Can you shut up? I just put Emma down for her nap." She growled "hi baby" she greeted Tano with a kiss.

"You two are gross." I laughed as I plopped a piece of candy into my mouth.

She snatched the bag away and wiggled her finger “you haven’t had dinner.”

I snatched the bag back and chuckled “no shit. What am I supost to eat? This house has no food.”

"Hey" she hissed "I told you no cussing. Tony said shit today."

I shrugged “I only see them for three hours a day. It could have been Oscar who showed him those words.”

"Hey girls stop fighting, lets focus on something important. What are we going to eat?" Tano asked

I shrugged “take out?”

"The kids are tired of eating out." Juana sighed. "One of us has to cook."

"Not Alex." Tano smiled "she has rehearsal for her world tour tomorrow"

"Tano thays not fair I- World tour?! Baby sis your going on tour?!!" Juana screamed.

I nodded and ran into her opened arms. “I got a tour. Best part my album has gone platinum in 97 countries!”

"I honestly never expected her to make it big outside of the US." Tano explained as he munched on a banana. "I mean she has that all American girl package. She’s beautiful, has big, green eyes. An angelic voice and shes nice. I just thought shed only be big here."

"Well thanks" I laughed as I pushed my sister away and began to look for food again "I’m seriously hungry sis."

As we spoke over what she should make Tano steeped out of the room to take one of his many ‘important business calls’. Leaving me and Juana arguing over chicken or pasta.

"We’ve eaten pasta all this week!" I argued.

"Yeah and what was in the pasta? Chicken so technally you’ve eaten chicken all week to!" She shouted back. "Stupid." She added.

I was about to argue before Tano walked back in. “Juana make the pasta. Alex go get ready, your going out to eat.”

I folded my arms “are you kicking me out of my house?” I chuckled.

He shook his head “the boss called.”

My jaw droped “Simon called? Why?”

"He wants you to be a big success. That’s why he’s arranged for you to have dinner with on of his stars." He beemed. "He sent a car for you, it’ll be here in half a hour."

I nodded “may I know who im haveing dinner with?” I asked.

Tano smirked and leaned against tge kitchen island. “Does a Mr.Styles ring a bell?” He chuckled.

My eyes went big “Harry styles?! I’m haveing dinner with Harry styles?”

He nodded and turned me twords the stairs. “Go because now you only have twenty five minutes to get ready.”

I nodded and quickly scrambled up the steps.


"Dam sis you look hot." Juana commented from the tabel.

"Where are you going aunty?" Lupita asked.

I smiled and walked over to her “I’m going out to dinner with a friend “

"Can I come?"

I shrugged and pointed at Tano; I loved putting him between a rock and a hard place. It amused me “ask dad”

She looked over at her dad who was glaring at me, Tano sighed and shook his head sadly. “You aunty is working tonight baby”

I chuckled and ruffled her hair “how about you let me go to this boreing dinner alone and tomorrow I take the three of you to get pizza and a new toy.” I offered the nine year old.

"Alex" Juana growled "they have enough toys."

I sighed and re-agusted my shirt “I spoil Ale’s kids you get mad I spoil your kids you get mad. I never win.”

"Now that I think of it you did buy itzel a IPhone. Where’s lupitas Phone hu?"

I roled my eyes and looked out the window to see the car starting to pull up. My stomach started to do flips. IV seen what the media and fans did to the Pop country sweetheart. All the hate she rescived for kissing Harry on New Years and to think the same thing could happen to me scared me shitless.

"Its time." Tano pointed out as he put his phone down. "And remember use a condom"

"TANO!" Juana screamed as she slapped her hands to her face.

"Mom whats a condom?" Lupita asked.

I chuckled and waited for a angry Juana and a laughing Tano to answer the question.

"Yeah sis what’s a condom? Didn’t you say it was a big balloon?" I questioned inosently.

she pointed twords the door signaling me to leave “you’ll have kids one day.” She spat.

"A balloon?! Mom I want a condom!" Tony yelled.

I laughed and watched as Tano began to bang on the tabel, trying to control himself. 

"Hey kids I heard that mommy hides them in her room!" I said before quickly running out the door twords the car. Leaving my sister to chase after her three kids that were now halfway up the stairs.


I laughed at another one of Juana’s angry text. I had been waiting for almost half a hour for Harry to get here. At his point I was setting myself up for disappointment.

"Miss more water?"

I looked at the waitor and shook my head “any more water and ill be in the restroom for the rest of the night.” I chuckled “can you please bring me the bill in stead?”

"Sure babe" he winked as he strolled away.  I quickly payed and called Tano letting him know I’d be home early. As I waited for the car to show a certain boy band member rushed in.

"Careful." I chuckled as I cought him from falling flat on his face "Dont want to lose any teeth."

"I’m sorry its just my GPS took me all the way across town. I didn’t even know where I was untill I saw the bloddy devise lead me to a marshmallow factory. It was awful."

"I would bet." I nodded.

"And then the traffic here in LA is awful. I was stuck in traffic for a good fifteen minutes."

"Yeah its like that."

He ruffled his hair and blushed “worst part is I left my date unattended. I’m awful.”

I nodded “sure are, you made you’re date drink her weight in water.” I chuckled. “I’m Alex by the way.”

His jaw droped “your her?” He asked.

"Should I be offended?" I chuckled.

He shook his head “no, love. I just- never mind.” He chuckled. “Would you like to have dinner?”

I shook my head “I’m sorry, I made plans with a couple friends. I was planning on haveing dinner at their house then just go downtown and hang out.”

He sighed and rubbed his face “please, I flew nine hours just to be here.”

I hesitated but nodded. “Your lucky you have green eyes.” I chuckled.

He beemed and sat down at a Booth.
“Keeps the paparazzi away”

I nodded and sat across from him, sending a text to my friends asking to rescedual.

"Well thanks curly, now my friends are mad at me." I pouted.

"Whys that?" He questioned as he looked over the menu.

I sighed and placed my phone on the tabel “I was buying coffee tonight.”

"Can’t they afford it?"

I looked at him to see if he was serious. After a while he felt my glare and looked up.

"Did I say something wrong?" He questioned.

"The comment you made about my friends. Where you kidding?" I asked.

"What, about them not being able to afford a cup of coffee" he spoke "no I wasn’t."

I roled my eyes and looked down. I heard him sigh then a hand placed over mine.

"I didn’t mean to offend love, besides being your date for the evening Simon asked me to be your mentor as well. You know teach you right from wrong" he explained

"And its wrong to buy my friends a coffee?" I asked. I could feel myself beginning to get defensive. Something I hated because it would always push new people away.

"No love. Just answer me this. Do you always buy your friends the coffee or do they sometimes offer to buy it." He asked.

My silence was enought of a answer for him. He smirked and waved the same waitor down and placed his order.

"I do it because I have the money to" I growled.

"That’s the problem Alex, they’re here now because you buy them coffee but what happens when you run out of money?" He asked.

"I wont run out."

He seemed pleased that I gave him that answer. He leaned back and smiled. “Are you sure?”

"Of course I’m sure." I growled "my albums doing great, I’m going on tour and ill have a movie out."

"Alex don’t start getting big headed. Thats what kills you in this business."

I shook my head “you don’t know that.”

"Justin bieber he’s a great example. My mate used to hang out with him but he changed. They were amazing chums."

I stood up and chuckled “that’s the problem here, me and you are not chums or mates we both know this is a press related date so how about we end it early before I really start to get mad.” I spat

"You’re not mad right now? I wouldnt like to see you when you are." He laughed.

"Are you takeing me home or should I call a cab." I growled.

He sighed and stood up. He pulled out money and droped it on the tabel without counting it.

"Are you sure your not the one who will run out of money." I chuckled.

He smiled “I’m sure. My albums doing amazing, we go on tour next year and we have a movie out that by the way is doing smashing.”

I roled my eyes but smiled. “Your funny. Ill give you that. Now take me home.”

"Demanding are we." He laughed. "Come on. Keep your head down." He said as he took my hand "and no matter what don’t let go of my hand."


"You live here!" Harry shouted.

I chuckled and punched in the gate code. “No I live over on the corner with our neighborhood bum.” I chuckled.

"This place is huge. You live here alone?" He asked.

"No. I live here with my sister, maneger and their three kids."

"Your sister and maneger are together."

I nodded. “Thanks for the ride.” I mumbled as I closed his door.

"Your not going to invite me in?" He asked.

I looked at my house then back at him. My shoulders slumped as I nodded and gestured him to exit the car.

He quickly scampered and was with me within seconds.

"Welcome to casa de Lozano y Rubio." I chuckled as I opened the door.

"You have a very lovely home." He commented

"Why thank you" we both turned to see Juana with condoms in her hands. Luckily not used. "The kids found the condoms, blew them up and played swords."

My cheeks went bright red “Juana we have a guest.” I motioned twords Harry who was lightly chuckling.

"Hi" she greeted. "I put the condoms in your room. I filled some with vanilla yogurt but one of the condoms has tano’s sperm in it. Have fun little sis. I love you." She chuckled.

"I am not sleeping there tonight." I laughed. "What hotel are you staying at?" I asked.

"It’s a very lovely hotel. First time I stay there too." He smiled

"Whats it called?" I asked.

"Hotel lé lozano y rubio?" He said in more of a question.


"I’m sorry! But give me a break I was shoved into a jet yesterday and told to be here. I haven’t even showered! My luggage is in the car untouched. So sorry for not booking a hotel." He appoligized.

I chuckled and pointed to the couches. “Pick a bed.” I laughed.

I quickly ran upstairs to the closet and pulled out extra pillows and covers. I then peeped into my room and shivered when I saw the condoms everywhere.  I closed the door and opened Juana and Tano’s door to see them watching a movie.

"Harry’s staying over." I warned before slaming their door.

I quickly hurried and found Harry on the couch I was planing on takeing over. I tossed a pillow at him and laughed when he fell.

"Well thanks." He laughed.

I nodded and handed him the cover and then quickly jumped onto the couch next to him.

"Don’t you have a room?" He asked.

"Condoms. Condoms everywhere." I chuckled as my eyes began to close.


I opened one eye to see him pouting “I feel like I should appoligize for what I said earlyer.”

I waved it off and turned to face the couch. “It was nothing Harry. Friends have fights it happens.”

"Friends?" I could already see his stupid smirk "were friends."

"Don’t get to cocky styles. Now go to sleep. I have a tour to get ready for "

"Okay one more thing."

I growled and turned over. “What?” I spat.

"I only want to be friends. I have a girl a very nice girl that I’m interested in. Simon was going to send my friend Niall but he was unreachable." He explained. "I don’t want to lead you on or play with your feelings."

"Harry don’t worry your not my type."

He seemed offended and hurt “whats your type?”

"The opposite of you." I laughed

"So; ugly, poor, fat, brown eyed, dull stright hair?" He joked.

"You cocky bastard." I laughed. "I mean it go to sleep. We’ll talk more in the morning."

"Fine." He mumbled. "But alex"
I nodded for him to go on. “Never mind. Goodnight love.”

Familiar Primitives

Familiar Primitives est plus qu’un travail de fin d’étude. C’est une thèse fascinante d’Ivan Bernal sur les espaces vitaux de demain, sur leur complexité. Le projet part à l’exploration de l’habitat primitif, comme expression d’une monumentalité, dans un style architectural très personnel mêlé d’organique et de minéral. Ivan Bernal nous propose une architecture très formelle, à l’instar de l’architecture prothétique d’Alex Lozano. Le travail de Ivan Bernal est cependant clairement axé sur l’utopie et le sacré (là où la travail d’Alex Lozano est orienté vers le biomimétisme). Le travail d’Ivan Bernal est époustouflant de réalisme, à se demander si l’artiste ne revient pas d’une exoplanète avec les clichés d’une civilisation disparue. La thèse respire lerétro-futurisme. Un projet fascinant qui donne réellement envie de se plonger dans la thèse.




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Jeopardy 2012 (Intro Animado con Créditos)

Pay de Menta

► Jeopardy 2012 consiste en una pieza interactiva a modo de mini-videojuego. Haciendo referencia al juego de jeopardy original se deben de responder varias preguntas, y serán de cuestiones tanto políticas como sociales y ambientales con respuestas absurdas. Es un tanto jugar con las reglas del juego Jeopardy donde cada pregunta debe ser contestada en forma de pregunta, en la modificación se pretende que en lugar de preguntas se den acontecimientos actuales y cuya respuesta a todos esos dato sería algo así como ¿qué está pasando? Ejemplo:

Pregunta: Hasta 2010 se reportan cerca de 30,000 asesinatos ocasionados por la guerra contra el narco, de los cuales un número importante corresponde a los asesinatos cometidos en Ciudad Juárez (Chihuahua).

Respuesta: ¿Qué está pasando?