The Impossible Astronaut

↬ She was clever and brave and kind and funny. And had more love in one heart than I could ever have in two.

When people say "we can't relate with River Song"...

… and we could relate to Rose Tyler. I get so offended and worried in a way. 

I understand that most of doctor who female viewers are teenagers, so they relate with Rose Tyler, but what about all those who are closer in age to River Song? Don’t you think they can’t, in any way, relate to a girl whose life started and ended in the Doctor? I can’t relate with that (and I worry that so many do). I relate much more with River Song. A woman, who loves a man, who can die for him, but who do not live her life around him! A woman who studied to become a professor, who married the man she loves and who has a career. Who spends her days living her life, doing her work and what she has to do and her nights with the person she loves (like most of us). Like an adult! not a teenager who has to go home to her mother once in a while, who has to phone mummy, once in a while, who has nothing else in life than that man… Who loves like a teenager, feels like a teenager, and has hopes in an impossible future, like a teenager… no, I cannot relate to that. I can relate to a woman who loves deeply, who knows life isn’t always easy or fair, who as suffered, who lost things not many teenagers can imagine, who doesn’t expect unrealistic things, who annoys her man telling him to change the light bulbs or cleaning and painting the walls… A woman. A proper adult.



The Doctor Who Tumblr is at New York Comic Con! We bumped into some old friends and made sure to give them a HUGE Whovian hello from you guise!

Also, if you’re at NYCC today, BBC America is hosting a special screening of Mummy on the Orient Express tonight at 8:15pm! Click here for more information!