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my boyfriend and I have covered ‘Too Close’ by Alex Clare, it took us the whole of yesterday, all the instruments are played by us and i’m singing. 

check it out, you won’t regret it

Too Close
  • Too Close
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Too Close - Alex Clare


Hey guys! So over summer, I made that one mashup of “Too Close,” “E.T.,” “Radioactive,” and “Trouble,” if you recall (or you might not ehehe whatever). Anyway, a friend of mine helped me re-record it so it sounds pretty and we made a video for it and now it is on the YouTubes!

if you happen to enjoy the thing, subscribe to his channel because 1) he’s cool and 2) we’ll probably do more things yay!!!

and as always, a reblog (or share or comment or whatever the kids do these days) would mean the world. <3


The War Rages On - Alex Clare (Our Girl title song)