A-Level French Resources/Advice



  • you didn’t hear this from me but torrenting is A++++. Torrent several seasons of something you won’t get bored of, something marathonable (Simpons, Futurama, Adventure Time..silly cartoons for me) and just sit for hours watching. They speak at natural speed so after a few weeks of this I promise you the listening section of the exam (even the A2 exam) will feel frustratingly slow.
  • If you have sky, channel 799 is in French
  • French vloggers (i literally only know these two if anyone wants to point out more to me)


  • this song comes to mind
  • get a penpal, keep a diary, write stories for fun, go on omegle with “french” tagged as one of your interests, annoy the fuck out of native speakers with attempts at chatting, don’t worry about sounding wrong or stupid just do ittt. 
  • buy shitty grammar workbooks and work through them
  • Never assume you know anything just because you “learned” it a few months ago. Constant revision. 
  • if you’re not sure of something, ASK. I might know, your teacher definitely does, there’s countless native speakers on tumblir willing to help etc
  • lang-8 is gr8
  • MEMRISE FOR VOCBULARY i will be so mad at you if you don’t join this website


  • find out if there’s any French-speaking au pairs in your area and befriend them. They’re probably lonely and confused and aside from helping you with your French and them with their English, you’ll likely become great friends
  • talk to yourself, narrate what you’re doing, sing along to songs, become accustomed to French coming out of your mouth

This isn’t an exhaustive list because I’m lazy and I’ve already spent 20 minutes on this. May do a better one in future, but I hope this is helpful :) You may repay me in book trades and torrent links. 

So, it’s exam season again. Last year, I struggled badly at times because of all the stress and it was overwhelming to the point I relapsed but thankfully I got it through it and past it.

This year, I’m really focused on doing better in school and also making sure I’m mentally doing better and here are a few things I’ve adopted throughout the school year that have helped me out:

1. Take regular breaks - it sometimes feels like taking breaks is pointless especially when you have a lot of work to do especially when you feel like you can’t afford time to waste. But, breaks allow your brain to recharge. Throughout the day I allow myself at least one hour to unwind by socialising or listening to music.

2. Make an appointment with yourself to release - I always make time for a solid workout session in the day to allow me to manage my stress levels before they escalate. That one hour may feel like I didn’t work out as much as I would have liked. But, it is so invaluable to my mental well being because I end up feel reenergised and refreshed. It also works to increase my cognitive ability to reduce stress.

3. Eat healthily - I tend to often overlook healthy eating but I’ve come to (finally) realise that being healthy allows me to have energy to give my very best throughout the day and make me feel better inside. Which is essential to be a successful person, not just a happier person.

4. Schedule, plan, write it out - I bought a diary this year to help me keep organised and it works wonders in preventing stress. Knowing my schedule everyday allows me to feel structured and organised which reassures me throughout the day which helps keep my anxiety at bay. Being organised allows you to feel focused and a sense of control.

5. Ask for help - on the lead up to relapsing last year, I was given SO many opportunities to admit I needed help. Instead I denied every one of them because I felt I could handle everything. In the end, I realised how letting go of that and simply asking for help could have done me so much good in the long term. You’re human, it’s okay to need some support. All the most successful people never got to where they are without guidance and support.

6. You have to work smart, not work hard - One of my closest friends who does amazingly taught me this and it took me a while to accept it. I was the girl who thought pulling all nighters by my desk and literally disregarding my health to work was the way to go. Until I saw how much I was damaging my mental health that I would crash out for days at a time. Looking after yourself internally allows you to be able to work efficiently. You can’t be fully successful in life without your health.

7. Pick yourself up and leave you fears behind - Many moments throughout this year I’ve felt what’s hindered my progress is letting fear hold me back; fear of failure, fear of disappointment, fear of relapse. But, what I’ve learnt is that through picking myself up and trying my best to be positive I’m moving one step closer to success and the more I move forward, the more I leave those negative fears behind and the less they hold me down. 



I was given an assignment to create  different shapes of molecules, so I used bread flour and water, placed the dough balls in the oven, used tooth picks to hold them in place and then painted them with ready mix paints. I then edited each image and added bond angles and examples which I could then use as revision notes. I hope it would be beneficial to you guys as well! 

Shapes of Molecules with 3D Links:

If you would like to view the shape of molecules in 3-D below are the links.

Linear:  Beryllium Chloride - BeCl2


Non- Linear: Water - H20


Trigonal Planor: Boron Trifluoride - BF3


Trigonal Pyramidal: Ammonium - NH3


Tetrahedral: Methane - CH4


Octahedral: Sulfur Hexafluoride - SF6


Study Hard! It will all be worth it in the end! :-) 


I’ve been experimenting with using post-it notes whilst making my final notes for chemistry, and have found it particularly useful to use them in a “question and answer” format. In this example, I’ve drawn out different time-concentration graphs and underneath written what they represent, as in my exam I will be expected to be able to recognise these types of graph.