Hey! I really like your blog and since i just created mine, i would really like to get to know people and just try and meet new people :)

stahrfruits asked:

I've read up on all the help for pop up links box, and I've double checked my HTML input like 20 times, and there doesn't seem to be a problem with that. Could you please help me with this? I could submit a copy of HTML if you need me to.

Please check if you have placed the codes directly below/above the tags mentioned. Please specify what the problem is. :)


Hey guuurrrrrll!

so i should be one of ur fave blogs cuz i was hacked and im trying to make a comeback. i was previously laced-moon and u were following me cuz i was a serene-ish blog back then and yeah

so, reasons i should be ur fave:

- my blog is funny

-u can talk to me cuz i dont really do much

-i always carry around those little bottles of hand sanitizer so idk if ur into that sort of thing

-u can be aleuhasaurus

-im gonna change my url to elainasaurus soon

-i live in NYC so i could like take pics of it