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This is Ashley Glaze. She goes to my high school, and at 8:37 this morning she was picked up by someone in a grey four door car. She’s been missing ever since. She’s around five foot four, maybe a little taller, and looks as the image above. If anyone has seen her in the Vincent, Sterret, or Vandiver areas, please contact 205-354-1555 or 256-346-1268. 

Thanks, so much, guys. We really need to find her. 

Five Things to Know When It Snows in Boston

Snow in Boston can mean a lot of things: a picturesque backdrop for a hot chocolatey stroll through the park, or a sloppy nuisance during a weekday commute. We can’t promise you that hot chocolatey feeling every storm, but we can help you enjoy the winter weather a little more by providing you with stormy weather resources. Here are a few things to know during storms, and head to our Know Snow center for a comprehensive list, from safety tips to home heating information. 

Get Engaged


Boston Public Works springs into action, planning treatment and clearing of roads long before the flakes start falling. Learn more about the process of managing a snowstorm from start to finish here.  If you see roadways that require attention, please let us know; reach us by any of these methods, whether you prefer calling our 24-Hour Hotline (617-635-4500), using the Citizens Connect mobile app, and more. 

Look Out For Neighbors


In Boston, it’s the property owner’s responsibility to clear walkways. Remove snow/slush/ice from sidewalks & abutting curb ramps within three hours of snow ending, or three hours from sunrise if snow fell overnight. When removing snow and slush from sidewalks and curb ramps, leave a minimum path of 42” wide. If you see a sidewalk that hasn’t been cleared, please let us know, as citations are issued. 

Adopt A Hydrant


Claim responsibility to clear snow from a hydrant after a storm: sign up here

Be A Snow Angel


Volunteer to help an elderly neighbor shovel their home when it snows. (Have you connected with our Elderly Commission on Facebook?)

Stay Informed


Register for Alert Boston, the City’s early notification system, for multichannel updates as soon as they’re available. You can also subscribe to Twitter Alerts, a new service from Twitter which provides elevated-visibility emergency tweets from @NotifyBoston and @BostonPolice. Our Know Snow site features many tips, from safety pointers and home preparedness, to online requesting & reporting. Visit our Social Media Directory for a full menu of social media conversations you can join across departments - everyday engagement helps keep us all better prepared for storms and emergencies. Remember, you can reach us 24-hours a day at our hotline: 617-635-4500.

Announcing Spindle 2.0

Early feedback tells us that you enjoy browsing Spindle’s feeds to discover what’s happening, but there are times when you want to search for something more specific. So as we worked on our latest version, our goal was to give you greater power and control over how you find and navigate results, and get notified about what’s happening nearby. Today we’re excited to announce Spindle 2.0, with keyword search, maps, and search alerts, plus expanded coverage that now includes Austin, Chicago, and Seattle!

A Better Way to Search

Unlike other services that just deliver stale business recommendations or allow you to search a fixed list of places by name, our new keyword search feature lets you tap the always-fresh stream of local updates to find exactly what interests you. And with our new maps, you can pan, zoom, and swipe to pinpoint exactly where great stuff is happening.

Whether you’re looking for a “free yoga class,” a “craft beer” on tap, “live jazz,” a restaurant promotion where “kids eat free,” or a place to watch tonight’s “Celtics game,” you can find a needle in the haystack with Spindle search.

At Your Service

Spindle takes another leap forward with search alerts, coupling the app in your pocket with a cloud-based search service that runs continually on your behalf. When you create search alerts, Spindle monitors nearby updates and sends timely notifications if places mention the topics you’re tracking. It’s a great way to find out when things you care about are happening nearby, without even opening the app.

Download Spindle 2.0 today, and let us hear your thoughts!

— Alex J.

Reminder: alerts going to spam

Hey if you’re not getting fic update alerts in your email, check your spam folder and add “” to your contacts.

  1. Check the spam/junk folder. If you see our email as listed as spam by mistake, click “Not Spam” for those emails.
  2. Add our email address to your contact list, white-list, or green-list so they will not be mistaken for spam in the future. Our from email address is “” for FanFiction and “” for FictionPress.
  3. Login to your account and make sure all alerts are enabled and there is no message from the site regarding delivery problems for your account. If we are unable to delivery email messages to your inbox due to over-quota and other email account related issues, we will disable your alerts.

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