This pain is not to make you sad, remember. Thats where people go on missing. This pain is just to make you more alert–because people become alert only when the arrow goes deep into their heart and wounds them.
—  Osho

PLEASE HELP FIND ONE OF MY FRIEND’S LITTLE SISTER! Spread this like wildfire, we can’t find her anywhere. If you have any information, please let me know, or call the Canton Police at 734-394-5400.

This is an update from her older sister, Emily: just want to clear some things up: Anna has been missing since early morning or late last night and she DOES NOT HAVE HER PHONE. she was presumably wearing a black winter coat and black knee high boots. she presumably had her purple backpack with her and a gray laptop case. she never showed up to school and no one has seen her since last night around 9.



EDIT: The phone number for the Bardstown PD is (502) 348-6811.

Name: Brian Pedigo

Age: Late 30s (I think like 35?)

Last seen: Bardstown, Kentucky

This is my brother. A few months ago he was in a car wreck, and while he was in the hospital with eyes full of glass, his wife decided it was an opportunistic time to take the kids and his money and go to her mom’s. Ever since then, he’s been really stressed out and depressed and trying to deal with that situation. At Christmas he wasn’t himself. He’s been antagonistic.

No one has seen him for eight days. His cell phone was shut off by the ex-wife. He apparently stopped trying to call his kids. A missing persons was filed today, so the cops are going to be looking for him too.

I’m terrified. I’m twelve hours away at university, and this is the only fucking thing I can think of to do. So if you’re in Kentucky or surrounding states, please contact me if you see anyone with this description in person, or in the paper, or …something. I have no idea if he just… ollied out for some personal time, or went somewhere and killed himself. I have no idea.

Missing Man: Nash, Kelly
Hey Friends—
Please take a look at this article.

Be on the look out for Kelly Nash. He went missing in the early am hours of Monday, January 5th, 2015.
He lives in Buford, Georgia and is 6’2”, 215 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing blue plaid pajama pants and a t-shirt. This is an active investigation, and he has been declared a missing persons within Georgia and the other areas.

Kelly isn’t one to wander off, he was in his last year at college and I work with his girlfriend. He’s an absolute sweetheart and none of this adds up. He was feeling under the weather, according to my friend, and left without his car, ID, keys, money or a jacket. Right now the lows are in the thirties during the night, and in the forties during the day. He has no known mental health issues, and is in peak physical condition. However, he was due to finish his last year at college, and he was under a lot of stress from work.

If you see him or have any leads, please call 911 or phone GCPD at
I never thought this would happen to someone I know, if you want to leave well wishes for the family, you can message me and I will pass them along. I’m hoping this will not go overlooked, but this is the second disappearance of that caliber in that town in two years, and oddly reminiscence of disappearance/possible kiddnaping/possible murder of Justin Gains.

Even if you don’t live in my area please reblog this for my friends and family. His girlfriend is a wreck and my whole company is in shock, so please, pass this along so maybe someone who knows something can see this and step forward!