In photography, the rules of composition are not facts. They are merely guidelines to help the photographer see new potential, new perspective, and stories through the lens.

This week, the Aleph Creatives photo class focused on the rules of composition. We practiced point of view by taking pictures of the subject from three different perspectives — the worm’s eye view, your eye view, and the bird’s eye view. We drove out of town to empty roads and abandoned (or so we thought!) bridges to practice leading lines and symmetry. We dug our elbows into the sand to practice rule of thirds and horizon line as we captured the Aleph kids surf the waves at Kitchen Windows Beach.

Like I said, the rules of composition are just guidelines, but the perspective and thought you put behind the decisive moment (when you take the photo) will tell a different story every time.


We all possess the ability to SEE (identify) beauty.

We all possess the ability to SEEK (hunt after) beauty.

We all possess the ability to CREATE (bring about) beauty.

In the Aleph Creatives photo class, we are learning how to identify, hunt after, and bring about beauty through the lens of a camera.

Without further adieu, meet the next generation of PHOTOGRAPHERS (beauty seekers).