“Hah! You can’t hit me. I’m a ghost!” Billy yelled at a runaway Hoover that had just shot at him with a strange looking device. It looked like it had missed, it went straight through his chest but all the same He felt strange.

Billy reached up to his face and lightly ran his fingers over his skin. It felt different, warmer. It tingled when the tips of his fingers rubbed the little hairs on his face. He placed his other hand on the opposite side of his face and pulled at his cheeks, smiling a wider smile then Spencer had ever seen. He started laughing and looked over at Spencer.

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Spencer turned off the lights in his room and Billy immediately brightened up enough to give light to his small corner. Spencer chuckled and thought about how ridiculous it was for a ghost to be afraid of the dark.

"Hey Spence, why are you going to bed so early?"

"I’m tired and my family is gone for the night." He replied while starting to take his shirt off.

"Gone huh?"

"Billy no, I’m tired." Spencer stopped taking his shirt off mid way and revealed his stomach.

Billy laughed and tackled Spencer to the bed, literally lifting him off the ground a few feet.

"I know what will wake you up." He grinned and hovered over top of Spencer.

"I’m not going to bed, am I?" Spencer smirked into the question.

Billy leaned his surprisingly warm translucent body into Spencer’s chest and kissed him on the neck, nibbling up his neck until he reached his ear.

"Nope." Billy whispered.

Spencer smiled and rolled Billy over so he was on top of him, He kissed him passionately and smiled. It was rare he got the house to himself, so to speak, and he wanted to take full advantage of the time he had.

"You don’t get it!"

"…What don’t I get Broseph?"

"I am going to just keep getting older and you’ll stay the same. One day You’ll leave me or I’ll leave you….it’s inevitable."

"Hey Hey Listen to me, Don’t you think I realized that when I decided to tell you how I feel?"

"Billy…I don’t want to leave you.."

Can’t ink today Carpal Tunnel acting up, so have a sad sketch X: