Honestly ALL schools KIIILLLLLLED IT!
but i MUST say… i love my team! and thought we poured our HEART, SOUL, & PASSION on that stage!! THIS is where ive started and am ending it. 
and… proud! 
Goodphil 2012: UTA Modern Dance


Check out my boy @alekzsamone. This guy is sick as F***. Spread the word.. this guys is gonna be big one day. 


Alekz Samone | Find A Place - Trey Songz (by Atothekz)


Alekz Samone | Adorn - Miguel (by Atothekz)

new one… hope y'all digg it! 


Alekz Samone | Murda Bizness - Iggy Azalea Featuring T.I. (by Atothekz)

Tried a little something different. Lemme know what ya think! :)


Sweet Love - Chris Brown | @AlekzSamone (by Atothekz)

my new dance vid. Hope u enjoy.


Just me and some friends dancing to Miley. 
23 - Miley Cyrus (Alekz Samone Choreography)

this almost has 20,000 views?!?! Say whaaahh…

1:55 am

teaching my last workshop in Dallas for awhile in about 15 or so hours!! 
-sad, nervous, happy, excited, stoked, depressed, pressured, tenacious… list goes on and on. Im soooo ready to just teach, have a great time… and leave. But these past 2 months have been hardcore dance training for me AND Dallas and its gotten to me like crazy! From the support of a best friend growing even stronger; to just all-out support of ALL of DFW, FOR ME — its.. priceless, im… speechless! It makes me think soo hard at… what am i leaving behind and WHY IN THE HELL AM I MOVING from… THIS?! The unconditional love and support from the peeps here!!

But all in all, i know my heart, mind, and soul is in one place and headed to ONE PLACE!! And… I WILL GET THERE! Deciding was the hard part, now that i’ve accepted my choice… the easier it has been! 

-TO MOVING FORWARD but taking where you’re from WITH YOU!!
cheers & goodnight mates


My neww Viddd!
Share pleeeez!


Valentin Hernandez| “That’s what its made for” Usher 

Me and my budds dancing the night away 

It's that time...

‎"Sometime’s you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself who you are and who you want to be"

I suppose im doing this, I feel as if i’ve lot myself over the past two years, mentally. Like the tenacious side of who i was about Life, and taking care of it! I’ve realized this and want that persistent and determined mentality back! Im ready to work for it and do what i gotta do!!

Don’t ever lose sight of who YOU are & don’t EVER stop dreaming…. What you want is POSSIBLE. Just do it. Find that motivation and Go with it!!! First stop… ATX! ♥


I Love my Team!
FLS DANCE CREW | WOD Dallas 2012