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They already got the voices: They can do so much better! As you said, they need to concentrate and make it perfect for that day. Some moves, special effects and that’s it! I swear I’m feeling so damn worried and nervous oh my god I can’t handle this

For some reason I’m a bit worried as well. Of’course I hope they do well but… I don’t know if what I’m saying makes any sense, but I don’t believe I’d put much value in their win and I’ve been really cautious with them since the beginning concerning Eurovision. They have the Big Five curse upon them and I need to keep that in mind so that there will be no disappointments whatsoever. I’m already in too deep not to abandon or forget Il Volo after Eurovision is over so whatever their placement is going to be I can say I’m already happy.

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they usually let the one who’s singing to be in front and change places, but still.. they move too little. plus they’re going to be super excited and idk how this will influence the whole thing

Are you referring to what they do in concerts generally or what they did in Sanremo? Because Sanremo was okay performance-wise but I think they should move around a bit more than that. They’re definitely going to be excited and they just might bit overdo their vocals, which kind of happened in Sanremo. It’s not straightaway bad but it can leave some people with the impression that they’re trying really hard to sound good, and that’s not a good thing, because I know and you know that they sound their best when they’re relaxed and just sing. I don’t want people to get a wrong impression of them. it’s not good pr ffs

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Name: Amanda.

Time and date where I am: 2:45 pm, 4/10/2015.

Average hours of sleep: Like 4 probably. I don’t know. It really depends on the week and whether or not I have cancelled classes or not.

Last thing I googled: Ai Weiwei.

Nickname: Manda, Mandapandamar, and with my closest friends, a variety of terrible things that no one should ever call anyone ever.

Gender: Female.

Sexual Orientation: Asexual (heteroromantic).

Height: Lollipop Guild.

Favorite color: Turquoise,

One place that makes me happy: Concerts.

What are you wearing right now: Gray v-neck t-shirt, “Saint Joe Pumas” sweatpants. I’m living the lazy life today but sometimes I’m fashionable.

Last book I read: If we’re talking for enjoyment, it was probably Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut. But if we’re talking last book I read period, then The Age of Ambition by Evan Osnos for a class.

I tag: thecynicalartist, alejandraleto, everlastingoptimism, fenway-frnks, eruanna-took, inktaire, tyllt, poisonedrainbows, fregglover, and tattedfangirl :D

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AMOOOOO TU TUMBLR*-* MAGNÍFICO, y más cuando pones quotes de Demi Lovato jajajajajajajaja, no podrías poner algunes de Darren Hayes y Kevin Jonas!? Darren es un cantante australiano... quizás no te suene, pero me encantaría que las pusieras! También unas de Freddie Mercury:D

jaja gracias!..sip, si conozco a Darren Hayes :p lo agregare a la lista, y mas de lo que me pides pronto! 

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¡Hola! Primero que nada, ¡CHULADA DE BLOG! Aunque esto es algo que ya te he dicho antes. Segundo: Tengo un montón de frases que me gustaría mandarte:) las iré enviando poco a poco, y ya tú decides si son lo suficientemente buenas para ser parte de tu blog. Sigue así, nos encanta lo que haces:)

OH MY GOSH! Gracias :D y no me digas eso de “si son lo suficientemente buenas” que me haces sentir muy selectiva xD se hace lo que se puede. Gracias por tu mensaje y por colaborar con el blog!!


No es por nada, pero ¡QUÉ RAZÓN!

Jajajajaja, perdón si algunas se ofenden.

(Ignoren lo de “One Directioners”. Es OBVIO que a él ni le interesa saber que son “Directioners” y verdaderamente, perderían su tiempo tratando de hacerle entender cómo se hacen llamar.)

No tengo NADA en contra de las Directioners, sólo no quiero que empiezen una maldita guerra.

Benshorts = Mi Troll Favorito xD


Mamá: A ver hijo, repasemos ¿Porqué una foto tuya nunca va a tener muchas notas en Tumblr?

Germán: Porque yo soy más feo que la maldad.

Mamá: ¡Exacto! Gente bonita, tú feo, gente bonita, tú feo.

Germán: Ya entendí. Te Amo Mamá!

Mamá: ¡Aléjate monstruo!

Agh, rayos, esto es taaaaan cierto :c

Mi piacciono le ragazze normali, sono un tipo da pantofole e televisione. Quando mi sveglio penso spesso a come sarebbe se ci fosse una donna a casa che fa colazione con me, come sarebbe avere una storia. L’abbraccio della tua famiglia è bellissimo, ma quello di chi ti ama ha un altro sapore.
—  Ignazio Boschetto

Jon Walker - Fairytale