Amazing People of 2011.

I met so many amazing people this year & I’d just like to make a post dedicated to all of them.

Yaz (x): My swah partner. My twin. My bby. My streetwalker :3 “Don’t wear such bright colors when you’re working the street, okay?” You’re always there for me, always. No matter what it is. You’re always by my side through everything & I’m always thankful for that. You’re honestly so adorable aha. Your looks could kill (in only the best of ways, of course). We’re a pair of perfect bitches. I is your sexy slut~ And you is my sexy streetwalker. Aha, we can act so dumb together & type like we don’t have a brain and at the end of the day we still love eachother. I love you so much okay Neemzay <3

Rose (x): Ahhh, Rose. My whore. My lesbian lover. My Jiley loving buddy. You’re all that & so much more to me. We’ve been through so much together this year, I cannot. Livin’ that Twilight novel & such lol. At the end of the day, we’re by each other’s sides. You’re so special to me. So so so special. You’re adorable & drop dead gorgeous & so sweet. I would say more but I don’t want your first period teacher to read this aloud to your friends. Being your ~mystery lover & all, I feel obligated to continue, though. You make me smile like no other can. I love how we can talk about nothing at all but I will never get bored. You’re legitimately my best friend & who knew that I would get that just by joining a gossip site. I love you, perfect <3

Alec (x): Ohhh, Alec. You sweetie-pie. You’re legit one of the most hilarious people I’ve met in my entire life. No matter what we’re talking about, I always end up laughing my ass off. You Mario Lopez look-a-like. But, all jokes aside, you’re one person that I can come to for everything. You’re an amazing listener & comforter. I seriously wish I could just give you a huge-ass hug :c You’re also really cute lol, I’ve always wanted to tell you this but I’m just awkward like that aha. I want you to know that you’re amazing, my hubby. I love you.

Bri (x): BRI! My baby boo <3 My baby mama. My publicity stunt. You’re just lkdslkgalkdsg, no word can describe you. You’re so like no other person ever. I knew from the very start that we’d become extremely close friends. Who knew such perfection would come out of drama? You also got me to sorta like Jelena hehe. I read everything you say in your cute little voice. Okay, enough with my random thoughts. You’re oh-so sweet. You’re adorabe. You don’t sugar coat anything & you’re so real. That’s a person I need in my life. You’ve helped me through so much just by being you. If I ever need to smile, I know I can go to you. I love you, beautiful.

Brishkey (x): LIFE RUINER, SHE RUINS PEOPLE’S LIVES. But, I love you & I’ll see you soon~ Remember Group A+? You’re so dumb. But in a good way of course~ You keep it real & you’re hilarious. We don’t talk a lot but I’m sure that I love you a lot okay. I’m so glad I met you this year, you definitely made the summer extremely bearable & helped me through a lot of shit. You never fail to plaster a smile on my face. You’re also so beautiful. I love you Brittish Key <3

Dimitri (x): Ayo, Demi Tree. Wow this is really awkward, I’m so awkward with you and I don’t even know why. I’m glad I met you on that ~gossip site, though. You’re absolutely fucking hilarious. You know how to keep me laughing, even if it involves making fun of me. >:c You’re like no other, you’re unique & loveable. You’re just you & that’s one thing I appreciate. I love how you can be funny all of the time, but when it’s needed you can be serious and actually help me out. You’re actually really really sweet, too. You’re adorable & really attractive lol wut. I love you okay.

Jackie (x): Oh, love. We’ve been through a lot this whole year. But I’m pretty sure you’ll forever be my OTP. :3 You’re more than nice, always putting other people’s feelings into consideration. You’re sweeter than sweet. You’re also so beautiful. Never forget that, alright? You give A+ advice that I’ll forever be grateful for. Remember? We’re gonna make a talk show for just us. We will both take turns sitting on Justin’s lap *moon dude* Even though I may be really bitchy at times, I want you to know that I do love you.

Kaylia (x): Kaylia sdlkgalksglksdg. We just recently became close & I’m really happy that we did. You’re honestly so real. “I keep it fresh”~ You’re a crazy-ass stan for me, to be honest, but that’s why I love you. You’re quirky & cute. You’re always there for me for everything & I miss you after not talking to you for a day. You’re very pretty & sweet, too :3 And you’re extremely influential on me even if you are a bit younger. Forever my Justin/Demi stanning chick <3 I can depend on you & vice versa. I love you so so much okay?

Hanielle (x) (x): Hey, I know you guys probably don’t like being grouped together (or you do, I dunno okay) but I love both of you. And I know I act like a crazy shipper at times, but I’ll always be here for both of you, always. You’re both so amazing. You both always give the most perfect advice. I look up to both of you :3 You’re both sweet, cute, beautiful, & amazing okay. I don’t want either of you to forget that. Never the less, you’re both perfect for eachother & I will cry if you ever split. So don’t. Okay okay. I love you guys <3

Jordan (x): Welp, Jordan. Jordie, Jordtle, etc. You are definitely one crazy dude. I’m not really sure when I met you, to be honest. But I know we started getting closer this year. We probably got under each other’s skin & it’s crazy how close we are now. We can talk about legit anything. You’re actually really hilarious. You’re sweet when you want to be.~ Lol but you actually are special. You’re amazing no matter what anyone else says.

Jay (x): Hola, Jay. I don’t even know where to start lol. Let’s just skip over the bad & get to the fact that you’re legit amazing. You’re very sweet and adorable, you’re just a very unique person. You’re you. Like, I think the only word that could describe you is “Jay” aha. You’re like no other person. And I know it probably doesn’t seem like it at times, but I do care about you. I’ll always be here for you for anything. 

Mary (x): MARY <3 My twin that is 4 years older than me. My James Marsden loving buddy :3 You’re so sweet and beautiful okay. Like seriously *insert fapping emoticon* You keep me in my place and definitely give great advice. My clique bitch~ I didn’t think I could meet such a great person from a gossip site. Thank you so much for always being there for me. And just so you know, it’s okay to use that thing for things other than emergencies :p I love you.

I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone, you’re all amazing! -Jenny :3

He’s my best buddy & I legitimately love him so much. He’s a crazy dude, I’ll tell you that but he also has a serious side when the situation is right. He’s always there for me, always. And for that I’m forever grateful. He’s truly like no other person at all. He’s seriously one of a kind. A unique motherfucker. He knows how to keep me laughing like an idiot at my computer screen but he doesn’t even have to try. He makes fun of me all the time >:c But I know he’s just playing around. I remember dat fateful day where he “tapped my pringle can” lol. I swear, he made my summer a trillion times better. <3 He’s also such a sweetie. He says & does the sweetest things. He also always cares. Always. If I’m in the worst mood his little “I hope you have a good day buddy” messages make me smile, even when I don’t want to. I love him so much & I don’t know what I’d do without him. I love you Alec okay okay.

happy one year love, kinda weird posting this on tumblr but this is where we used to talk so haha. you are the best, and i wouldnt ask for anybody else, i love you