Alec destroying Magnus's expectations
  • Magnus:All Nephilims are the same, none of them thank you.
  • Alec:Thank you for saving my life.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------
  • Magnus:All Nephilims want is glory, they have no respect for Downworlders.
  • Alec:But you're fighting too. Take my strength and help them.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------
  • Magnus:Alec is not willing to admit there is even a relationship between us.
  • Alec:*kisses Magnus in front of the entire Clave and his homophobic father*
  • --------------------------------------------------------------
  • Magnus:Nephilims will always choose the world. I just want the person who loves me to choose me.
  • Alec:I don't want the world. I want you.
Malec Headcannon

Magnus is reading the newspaper, and on the couch there’s Alec sleep talking to himself. Magnus rolls the paper and starts smacking him on the face.

Malec Headcanon

ok so in CoG, someone says that they think Alec might’ve been a 90-year-old woman in his past life. So, imagine Magnus hearing about that and finding it hysterical. Then, not long after Alec passes away, Magnus and his son want to get a new start. They simply can’t stay in the same apartment anymore. However, they can’t bring themselves to move because a few days after Alec died, an old woman moved in across the hall. She burns candles that smell of sandalwood and always wears sweaters and complains of the cold. Sometimes, she comes over with a freshly baked pie and pets their new cat. She always needs help with her computer and she is forever complaining about the glitter. They never move because of this old lady.

So I finally reached 1K!!! *throws confetti* Which means that I’m posting this AU prompt that I got like 100000 years ago:  “We’re neighbors who don’t really talk but your cat might have gotten my cat pregnant? We must raise this little kitty family together!”  

I also said that I would dedicate my next fic to my one thousandth follower so this is dedicated to 1000thingsineversaid 

What I want from TV show Alec Lightwood
  • Some one who understands that the most important thing in Alec’s life is his family 
  • His priority at all times is to protect them 
  • The reason he hated Clary at the beginning is because she posed a threat to Jace’s life. Not just because he liked him.
  • Yeah he’s nervous and awkward but he’s also honest and blunt 
  • He is mean and sarcastic and angry
  • BUT funny when he’s with people he’s comfortable with 
  • He has so many flaws that aren’t linked to his problems with his sexuality, for example his jealousy of Jace.
  • His relationship with Magnus IS NOT THE ONLY INTERESTING THING ABOUT HIM

I think this quote from Magnus is really good for describing him:

“He was conscientious, the kind of person who believed that the other around him were so much more important than he was, who already believed he was letting everyone down. And he was honest, the kind of person who was naturally open about all he felt and all he wanted. Alec’s virtues had made a trap for him: these two good qualities had collided painfully. He felt he could not be honest without disappointing everyone he loved. It was a hideous conundrum for him. It was as if the world had been designed to make him unhappy.”  

The Signs As Lightwood Quotes
  • Aries:"There's a Hot Silent Brothers Calendar?"
  • Taurus:"He'll float"
  • Gemini:"Because I'm not your bitch"
  • Cancer:"I'm pure at heart, it repels the dirt.
  • Leo:"Mostly extinct, is NOT EXTINCT ENOUGH"
  • Virgo:"I am not a certified idiot"
  • Libra:"Think about being Lightwoodless and lonely five hundred years from now, in a sad and chilly nitghclub on the moon"
  • Scorpio:"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't chop him up into bastard-themed-confetti"
  • Sagittarius:"You seem to like that horse very much"
  • Capricorn:"Father is a worm"
  • Aquarius:"She is unlikely to be concealing additional heads on her person"
  • Pisces:"Some people think that love between two dude cats is wrong, but I think it's beautiful."

 “So I’m your first ever Shadowhunter, huh?” Alec said when they separated at last.

“You’re my first so many things, Alec Lightwood,” Magnus said.”