aldestra said:

Hi :) I only just discovered Outlander a couple days ago, but I've caught up and have completely fallen in love with it, so imagine my excitement when I found your blog. I was wondering if you know any of the music used in the episodes, other than the one used during the dancing druids scene?

Hello! Since I’m not sure whether you’re asking if I know where you can listen to more of the music, or just if I know what music is used, I’ll just tell you everything I know about the show music:

1. Bear McCreary composes the original score for Outlander, and because he’s tremendously awesome he writes really interesting blog posts about the music in each episode. You can read what he’s written about the Outlander episodes so far here.

2. As an editor and admin on the Outlander Wiki, I have also compiled information about the music in the show in this article, including some of the 1940s songs used and the folk songs Bear McCreary mentions in his blog posts, but condensed into list form. This article also has information about the music mentioned in the books, with audio examples for most of them.

3. Regarding the two audio posts I have made on this blog (Claire and Jamie Theme and the dancing druids scene), I edited these from their respective episodes myself. The original score has not been released, nor has any announcement been made (that I’m aware of!) about when it may become available. I haven’t posted more tracks because most of the time, the music is mixed on the same tracks as other background sounds (e.g. fire crackling, people murmuring, horses galloping, etc.) and the end product just doesn’t sound very good. Of course, if people really don’t care about hearing extraneous noises, I could post the other ones I’ve done…

And I think that’s it! Anything else, feel free to ask me :)

aldestra said:

I don't think I realized we were mutuals until like five minutes ago when I saw you'd reblogged some things from me so thank you and your blog is awesome <3


ahh you’re welcome!! your blog is amazing also, and thanks to you too :)

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I was tagged by lovely novocaine89:

1. Best way to spend your leisure?Taking a car,some fav people and driving for next unseen city to discover walking without map for its streets.

2. The weather which you prefer?Winter is coming…snow!

3. Favourite artist / band?At the very moment i’m totally into Dresden Dolls and Mumford & Sons.But there is always Fabrizio De Andrè.

4. Favourite book?Franny and Zooey by Salinger…but i have too many,they are so many and they started so far ago.

5. Favourite actor?Christian Bale.

6. Favourite sport team? Italian callisthenics team.

7. Your worst habit?When it seems i’m there with you and i’m nowhere on my personal cloud.

8. Your biggest fear?To be moved by my limits.

9. Most fond childhood memory?The sun in my grandfather’s eyes while he was reading “Wuthering Heights” for me.

10. If you could change one thing about yourself, which would it be?When i’m too sure about something.

11. A fictional character which you would wish was real?At the very moment i’m between BBC’s Sherlock,Dean Winchester and fabulous Mr.Darcy :-)

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1)Are you happy?

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