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Nicole has internet again!

she lost it cause her router was stupid, but she has internet again! :D


i know we talk on msn & everything, but still, i missed you on tumblr, you know what i mean : p lol.

Hey guys! It's Nicole (alcoholfer), Jenna's best friend!

I just wanted to say that; she can’t get on her Tumblr, and hopefully will get on tomorrow. She says goodnight, by the way.

So goodnight guys! =D

going off, night night (:

I wish Nicole knew just how much i need her in my life, i love her to death, forevz. LameTwestiesForEva <3

(: !

cheesy thing to say, but im in a cheesy mood :P

Going to bed, night all (:

Won’t be back on till tuesday or wednesday because of moving, so goodnight, se ya in a day or two (:

& Nicole, I WILL MISS YOU! <333

*sings dramatically* & If you have a minute why don’t we go? talk about it somewhere only we know! this could be the end of everything! so why don’t we go? somewhere only we know! <3

SOIK (Somewhere Only I Know) Klaine Epi.54



After everyone graduates: (& sorry i’m skipping ahead in time so much)

Kurt: *in the living room, watching tv with Finn, Selena, & Blaine*

Carole: Dinner’s ready!

Finn & Selena: *runs into the dinning room* FOOD!

Blaine: Yup, they were made for each other.

Kurt: *laughs, goes to the dinning room*

Burt: So what are you guys gonna do now that you’re out of high school?

Finn: Go to college here, & Sel wants to go too.

Sel: I wanna know more about human history.

Carole: That’s great *smiles*

Burt: & you Kurt? You’re awfully quiet.

Kurt: *stands up* I actually have a little announcement to make. *stutters a little, afraid of what they’ll say* I-i wanna move to New York to go to college t-there.

Burt: What?

Kurt: Please don’t be mad, but i REALLY wanna study in New York, so can i go? please???

Burt: *sighs a little* You don’t need me to tell you if you can go or not, you’re 18 now, it’s all up to you.

Kurt: *smiles a little* Thanks. *tears up* I’m gonna miss you dad.

Burt: Awww *stands up, hugs Kurt* We’re gonna all miss you very much.

Kurt: I’m going there with Blaine & Rachel.

Sel: *looks at Blaine, starts crying* Y-you’re leaving me?

Blaine: Sweetie i was gonna ask you if you wanted to go with us.

Sel: B-but i wanna stay here.

Blaine: You have really good wings, you can fly fast, you can always come visit, or i can visit you anytime. Or you can go to New York with us.

Sel: *hugs him* I’m gonna miss you Blaineykinz.

Blaine: *starts crying, loves Selena to death* I’m gonna miss you too.

Kurt: *feels bad*

Later that night:

Blaine: *laying in bed with Kurt* Are you okay?

Kurt: Just gonna miss everyone, & i know you’ll miss Sel.

Blaine: Yeah, it’s gonna be tough at first, but it’ll be fun, just you & me & Rachel *smiles*

Kurt: Yeah *smiles* Do you know what else that means?

Blaine: What?

Kurt: More of this *winks, goes down on Blaine, pulls his jeans & boxers down, sucks him*

Blaine: *eyes widen, moans*

Kurt: *sucks harder, rubbing him*

Blaine: *moans loud, cums*

Kurt: *swallows, lays next to Blaine again*

Blaine: *grabs Kurt, kisses him*

Kurt: *kisses back*

Blaine: *pulls down Kurt’s jeans & boxers, goes into him*

Kurt: *moans*

Blaine: *sucks on his neck while trusting slow*

Kurt: *moans, grips the sheets* B-blaineee….harder.

Blaine: *thrusts harder*

Kurt: *moans loud* Uhhh..

Blaine: *trusts even harder*

Kurt: *moans really loud, throws his head back, eyes roll back* Blaine! uh! oh god!

Blaine: *cums, moans loud*

Kurt: *breathing heavy, tired*

Blaine: *pulls out, lays next to him, kisses his cheek* I love you, & when we go to New York, i promise, you & i will go on a date, since we haven’t really gone out much you & me.

Kurt: Okay *eyes closed, cuddles into Blaine* Goodnight, i love you.

Blaine: *smiles, kisses his head* I love you too.


END. (:

& Shoutout to Nicole, hope you feel better *hugs* <3 This episode is for you :D

Hi, this is Jenna's bestfriend, Nicole (alcoholfer)!

I just wanted to say that she can’t post her ‘goodnight’ post or anything, because her internet isn’t working and she can’t get on her Tumblr, boo hoo. So I’m posting for her to say that she will hopefully get back tomorrow.

Soo yeah, that’s all! Goodnight guys.(:<3