Life lessons with the Misfits Inc crew.

Well, here it’s the club van…a 1959 Metro.That’s right a ‘59 International Harvester. The wheels are one off, as well as suspension, threw a small block in for grins.


Wheels are Alcoa semi wheels machined down to fit 24” tires. The wheels are tucked under the Metro with a full air ride setup. 

A boombox supplies the tunes..not much more we could ask for.

We Speak The Same
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Alcoa (Derek from Defeater)  - We Speak The Same

I’m so sick and so fucking tired.

I’ve accepted that I am a liar, a cheat and a thief.

and I am buried beneath my disease

and my god-damn denial.


When I first got into Urban Exploring in 2007, Maryland was a pretty good place to be. We had a lot of stuff to keep us occupied in only a 30 minute drive. These days everything is gone whether it be by demolition, nature reclaiming it or by rehab. What is left is mostly locked up like Fort Knox. I decided to gather up one photo of each place we lost recently. Most of these edits are years old and could be better but here it goes…

1st Left: Alcoa’s Eastalco Works in Frederick, Md. Been under ongoing demolition for several years now.

1st Right: Seagram’s Distillery aka Baltimore Pure Rye Distillery in Dundalk. It has caught on fire so many times I have lost count. There is nothing of value left.

2nd L: Eastern High School in Baltimore. The roof caved in due to snow last year.

2nd R: Enchanted Forest in Ellicott City, Md. Anything that could be salvaged was removed and sent to Clark’s Elioak Farm for restoration. What is left is crumbling and sad.

3rd L: Gunther Brewery in Canton, Baltimore. Now being rehabbed into condos and shops as part of Brewers Hill.

3rd R: Lebow Clothes in Station North, Baltimore. Been rehabbed into Baltimore Design School, opens this fall.

4th L: Fort Howard V.A. Hospital. Going to be rehabbed soon, under heavy security by Federal Police.

4th R: Montebello Rehab Hospital, on the Morgan State property. Demolished in summer of 2013.

5th L: Henryton Tuberculosis Hospital in Marriottsville, Md. Demolished in summer of 2013.

5th R: Illchester Mill near Ellicott City, Md. Demolished in summer of 2013.

Defeater Frontman Announces Solo Record

Defeater frontman Derek Archambault will be releasing his debut album under a side-project called Alcoa on February 26th via Bridge Nine Records. The album will be titled Bone & Marrow. Check out details on the project below by clicking “Read More.”

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