We blew everything up at the end of season nine, so we’re going to come back at the beginning of season 10 and we are going to place in your palm, we’re going to place so many goodies. So many little treats, little sugary, slightly alcoholic treats. And they’re going to feel good and taste good and you’re going to be happy.
—  Michael Weatherly
Epilogue to "Magnificent Seven"

The “Tit in charge” eventually drank himself to death which actually was surprisingly upsetting. He turned from being a rather ineffective but jolly oaf and family man into a pickled corpse alone in a flat terrifyingly quickly.

My Ideal woman is:
  • Strong and independent
  • An intelligent and strategic thinker
  • Trusting
  • able to read me like a book
  • able to improvise characters with me on the fly
  • able to Laugh at my jokes and makes me laugh
  • able to speak her mind, and is honest when I’m being an idiot
  • not resentful when i am an idiot
  • a lover of eating
  •  a lover of alcholol
  • a lover of travel
  • a lover of festivals
  • From the far North
  • Eloquent in 14th century, noble vernacular
  • an immortal wolf and harvest goddess

Please, no comments/contact information unless you match this description