"When you are completely artery in touch with the core of your emptyness, 
you will understand that everything comes from that emptyness, 
and that be with that emptiness you’ll be able to transmute all things that comes from it. 
For be able to shape the emptyness and to ever form or shape that you wish to take. 
For that you will understand the relationship that emptyness takes to form.
That is the alchemist understanding and the purest state of the alchemist.”

Giveawayprize for ekke-olle-van-oe ^__^

Drummer-Ghoul she wanted, Drummer-Ghoul she got. Not super pleased with the coloring nor the hands :c But thankfully she seemed to like it anyway! Greetings from London, my wallet is currently begging me to not buy more clothes. What can I say? Camden Town is dangerous >_>

Promarkers + White gel pen and colored pencil

Thank you @ppipremiereproducts for your incredible #Alchemy #SkinIllustrators pallet and Activator! Such fine products that will really come in handy for my current project! Great seeing you at Son of @monsterpaloozaofficial !

Dress, Hat, Eye Patch by Alchemy (tyr.rozenblum)
Hair by elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu)
Eyes & Face Tattoo by Devae. (Ruina Kessel)
Necklace by ellabella (ellantha Larsson)
Tattoo by ~silentsparrow~ (hyasynth Tiramisu)
Stockings by Schadenfreude (Allegory Malaprop)
Boots by Lassitude & Ennui (Jackal Ennui)
Sword by Deco (Orchid Zenovka)
Pose by {Imeka} (NatiWilliams)
Skin by me