They finally posted the Albuquerque meet and greet photo! I’m in the back row, second from left, in the Finland t-shirt cuddling up against this random guy I didn’t know lol. This is the only time I saw Perttu wearing both gloves I made for him.

(From Apocalyptica/Perttu’s Instagram)

Albuquerque police officer fired for doing nothing to stop his partner from repeatedly kicking man in the head and failing to report it wants his job back

‘An Albuquerque cop who was fired for standing by during an excessive-force incident wants his job back.

The incident happened back in February 2011. Surveillance video was rolling as Officers John Doyle and Robert Woolever tried to arrest a man…

… The video shows Doyle rearing back and kicking the man several times…

APD said Woolever was fired because he did not stop Doyle from using what officials thought was excessive force, and because his police report made no mention of Doyle’s repeated kicks.

A city lawyer says what she saw in the surveillance video is grounds for termination.

Every officer has a constitutional obligation to stop another officer from using deadly force or excessive force,” said Kathryn Levy’       /source/

Now let’s think. If the bastard was afraid to tell his colleague, who beat man to stop, and then scared to write about it in the report, then is it a good idea to give him a job back? I fucking think it would be a big mistake! This bastard was entrusted great power, and he used it against civilians. The police is like a pile of shit, why do they need one more asshole? But we’ll see…

#PoliceViolence #PoliceBrutality #PoliceState