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Gladly.Tuck grinned and then he placed his hand on the back of her neck, pulling her in for a kiss before his hands moved to start working at the button of her jeans.

     Rachel smiled, slightly caught off guard by his assertive behavior. But there was nothing prohibiting her from giving in. She kissed him back gently at first, then grew far more eager with each passing moment, gingerly cupping his cheeks. She gasped softly against his lips as he unbuttoned her jeans, eyes fluttering open as she looked back at him. She stood up and slowly slipped off her jeans, sending them to her feet, in which she elegantly stepped out of them, then slipped her way back upon his lap, gawking back at him with a certain seductive air about her.  

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      It was one of those quieter evenings, where
      he’d slip home unannounced, tiptoe-ing around
      his reading wife— though never surreptitiously nor
      suspiciously. He was an open book, and Remy 
      read him all too well, but perhaps that’s due to the 
      amount of time she had to spend studying him 
      and him only, after leaving the practice of one, 
      Doctor Gregory House. 
      Except tonight was different. 

      He slips in whilst her dress does the same up her
      body, like silk on skin, smoothly. He doesn’t say a 
      word, so she does, reminding him that they were 
      late. Or rather, he's late. Verily, Remy's ready now—
      dark hair in a swivelled bun, decked in nothing more
      extravagant than her classic black dresses. The 
      exhibition’s the only event she’s been to that’s remotely 
      exciting this month, yet even then, he probably couldn’t
      tell, from the silent car ride to the museum. Remy knows
      all she’ll be is arm candy for him tonight, he never paid
      attention to culture, which made the gesture of getting
      her the tickets sweet on his part. That’s how he is, her
      James, subtle and gentle compared to her whirlwind of 
      a past. That’s what she loved about him. 

      Heels clicked against the marble flooring as they stepped
      in, fingers intertwined. But with the nature of Remy, she’s
      already wandered halfway across the room, stolen from
      him. And he doesn’t mind, stranded alone at the bar. At 
      least she’s having fun.

I need one of those kisses you can feel in your stomach moments before and where, when you’re lips finally meet, you know that in that moment everything is how it’s supposed to be