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Gladly.Tuck grinned and then he placed his hand on the back of her neck, pulling her in for a kiss before his hands moved to start working at the button of her jeans.

     Rachel smiled, slightly caught off guard by his assertive behavior. But there was nothing prohibiting her from giving in. She kissed him back gently at first, then grew far more eager with each passing moment, gingerly cupping his cheeks. She gasped softly against his lips as he unbuttoned her jeans, eyes fluttering open as she looked back at him. She stood up and slowly slipped off her jeans, sending them to her feet, in which she elegantly stepped out of them, then slipped her way back upon his lap, gawking back at him with a certain seductive air about her.  

hi loves!! i know this may seem silly, but i need proof that my fans support my new solo album coming out next year, a short statement from you guys regarding my solo album would greatly help my chances of getting signed!!! really want my music to come out as soon as possible and if you send me messages it would really really help and my new music will come out sooner. send me asks, i’ll be online for the next hour xx always love talking with you all. you’re my life. ❤️❤️ - melissa

I need one of those kisses you can feel in your stomach moments before and where, when you’re lips finally meet, you know that in that moment everything is how it’s supposed to be