It’s Friday!
How you lookin?
How’s your calcium intake?
Who are you fucking?
What kind of coffee do you take?
Are you lactose intolerant?
Can I bum a light real quick?
Are you single or married?  
Stainless steel pan or nonstick?
Do you rent or do you buy?
Are you a cat or dog person?
Do you call your mom on Sundays?
And your iPhone is what version?
Is it okay to split this check?
Do you follow politics lately?
Are you registered to vote?
Do you want to a have a baby?
Are we having fun yet?
When was your last vacation?
Can we pick this back up later?
I think we’ve reached our destination.

im life has merged with gossip girl n i cant stop, i keep buying very lavish things and i just drank french champagne in the bath n then poured it over my head bc i was bored and upset n im planning to go in an isolation tank vry soon and im having friend dramas.and my life is lowkey spiralling out of control a bit it’s all.perfect……x

Well, that’s it for tonight for me. I can’t sustain this not-sleeping-much lifestyle for too long. It’s unhealthy. I’ll get to my inbox soon to those who left me some treats just now ;D thanks for dropping by, friends! Happy blogging and stay amazing.