Sealed To Me
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Best quality MP3 from Zachary Garren’s Soundcloud. Album art by me.

“You finally caught that roadrunner
And blew him up
I finally got it through my thick cranium
You wake up and get dressed
And then you check your pressure
Are those covalent bonds still holding you together?
I’m working hard at being my own MVP
Instead of feeling lucky just to have made the team

How are you feeling?
Are you healing?
What’s it mean to be
Sealed to me

If you want to finish you could run your minute
And make your time
If you are without, well I’m full of it
So come take some of mine

You gonna cast me away into outer darkness
Cause I couldn’t cover rent
To stay at God’s apartment?
I’ve got a shovel and even though I’ve hit paydirt
I’m really just happy to have gotten the work
If you could be the wind then I would be a leaf
Because I’m finished with these pliers
Sick of pulling my teeth

How are you feeling?
Are you healing?
What’s it mean to be
Sealed to me

Storm on the bay
We all drift away
Your kingdom never comes
I ain’t no chosen one

Heart stops beating
Float through the ceiling
Those gates won’t be
Sealed to me”


AM by Arctic Monkeys

“Have you got colour in your cheeks?” asks Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner over the sinister guitar riff and plodding beat of “Do I Wanna Know?” It’s the first in a string of Turner’s leering inquiries, and by the time the song reaches its chorus—with bashing drums, falsetto harmonies and taunting attitude—Arctic Monkeys’ fifth album has made an authoritative opening statement. The band’s confidence is discernible on each minute of AM—a title inspired by The Velvet Underground’s VU, but one that can be read as a double entendre on this collection of after-midnight rock. Big sleazy guitar lines on tunes like “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High” and “R U Mine?” are over-the-top in just the right way, delivered with the charismatic nonchalance that’s marked the band’s career.

Recommended: Do I Wanna Know?, R U Mine?, I Wanna Be Yours, Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High

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