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that kind of sounds like the social studies teacher i had in middle school lmao but why does this keep happening to you like first there was that doctor and now its this guy?????

oh my gosh, my cousin had a history teacher in middle school who was like her favorite, and then he got arrested for having child porn on his computer at work I guess and it was really weird and scary. 

I HAVE NO IDEA? Does this like come along a couple years after puberty or maybe it’s just bad luck. :CCC 

albinorodent said:

john, rose, sam and cas GO GO GO


My otp: johnDAVE
My most hated pairing: johnKARKAT 
My unusual otp: johnDAD 
My crossover otp: johnNIC CAGE (VERY QUESTIONABLE??)
My brotp/friendship otp: also johnDAVE
Character headcanon: john is the dork who is super good at ping pong and is nationally ranked


My otp: roseKANAYA
My most hated pairing: roseJOHN
My unusual otp: roseERIDAN
My crossover otp: none
My brotp/friendship otp: roseDAVE
Character headcanon: Rose enjoys Led Zeppelin and AC/DC.


My otp: samGABRIEL
My most hated pairing: samBOBBY (because really guys ew)
My unusual otp: samRUBY (it seems unusual to other  people that know me??)
My crossover otp: none
My brotp/friendship otp: samDEAN
Character headcanon: Sam indulges himself in cupcakes and cake. (don’t tell dean)


My otp: castielDEAN 
My most hated pairing: castielSAM 
My unusual otp: castielGABRIEL
My crossover otp: none
My brotp/friendship otp: castielBALTHAZAR
Character headcanon: He kisses Dean’s forehead at night.