Dok2 - smut ~~

Dok2 - smut ::

You were at home waiting for your boyfriend’s return, lately he was really stressed about something, and tonight you decided it’s time to help him release some tension, and you were just horny and had to have him.

You pulled out your favourite VS lingerie from the closet, and put it on, a little perfume of course and you were set.

Joonkyung opened the door, only to be greeted by you, looking all sorts of ready for him.

He gave you a once over, and it’s like a switch was flicked, he was overcome by lust, his eyes hooded and blinded to everything that’s not you.

Joonkyung pounced on you like a carnival on a meaty prey.

He pushed you lightly against the wall,  attacking your lips, hungrily devouring them. His hand moved to your pussy, making you gasp, he took the opportunity to invade your mouth with his tongue.

He rubbed your already wet pussy through your underwear, the thin fabric creating the perfect friction.

Joonkyung swallowed your every moan and whine, you were in absolute bliss and he didn’t even start yet.

He trailed sloppy kisses down your neck, collarbones and all over your chest.

“This looks fucking hot, but it has to go!!” His voice was ten octaves lower, and it just drove you mad.

He basically tore the skimpy lingerie off of you, living in nothing but the matching skimpy thong.

He buried his face between your breasts, kissing and nibbling to his heart’s desire, his hand still working your pussy, while you moaned and gasped for air to breathe.

He left wet, sloppy kisses all over your abdomen and navel, trailing down, slipping your thong down in the process.

One of his hands found your ass, slapping it a few times, as he got on his knees facing your dripping folds.

He flung one of your legs over his shoulder, spreading your legs a little farther.

His dipped between your thighs, as he started eating the hell out of your pussy.

Joonkyung was licking and sucking on your lower lips, making munching noises, your head was floating.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Was all you could manage to say.

He penetrated your vagina with his tongue, and rubbed your clit with his thumb, causing you to throw your head back and arch your back.

You felt an all too familiar feeling in the pit of your belly, and it started consuming you, before you knew it you spilled your juices with a loud scream of your lover’s name.

He lapped all your juices and once brought his lips to yours allowing you to taste yourself on his tongue.

His clothes were gone in a millisecond, as he allowed you to recover from your first orgasm.

Joonkyung grabbed your hips and bent you over, he squeezed, slapped and groped your ass, to his fill.

He slammed his cock into your wet pussy, and pulled it all out then slammed it right back in.

The pace was rough as you expected, his grip on your hips was tight, as he rammed in and out of you.

He was groaning and cussing, it felt so damn good to be inside you again.

He grabbed a fistful of your hair, and pulled on it. He pulled you up and trailed bites down your back, as he continually rammed into you.

Your knees grew weaker and you were on the verge of coming undone.

He read the signs and picked up the pace, hitting that spot over and over again, until you spilled your hot cum all over his cock.

Feeling your muscles shrink and tighten around his cock, sent him over the edge, but he pulled out just before, and spilled his juices all over your ass and lower back.

You finally let your knees give in, and collapsed on the floor, followed by Joonkyung collapsing next to you, both breathing heavily.

After you calmed down a bit, he looked at you lovingly.

“What did I do to deserve you?!” He asked, looking at you with loving eyes.

“Actually.. I was just really horny, but I’m glad you’re feeling better!” You smiled mischievously.

“You were just using me?! I’m hurt!!” He put his arm over his eyes and pretended to be hurt.

“To answer your question, you were probably Hitler in your past life, that’s what you did to deserve me!!” You joked, smiling gleefully.

“I love you!” He suddenly said, of course he said it before, but he didn’t say it very often so it took you by surprise.

“I love you too, Doki!” You smiled as big as you possibly can, it was always nice to feel loved.


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