This one goes out to the marvelous Ongaku88 (blame her and Colbert for enacting the breadmeme) and the indomitable Poupon, who has expressed her love of the fluffy white cat that lives with us (he is a superior being after, being owned is beneath him - so he says and I believe him).  Alberik said it would be worth it to take the step from catloaf to cat-sliced-bread if he could likewise encourage you to post your Utena hair.  Or maybe I just am undyingly curious to see it and claiming he said it.  WHO CAN KNOW?!?!


So Ongaku88 bought our cats some accessories today and I can barely stand to lay eyes upon the sheer dapperness that is my cat Dash.  While she maintains an atmosphere up utmost class, Alberik can’t wait to show off how angry he is about his beauty.

So this Christmas my Mom told me she wanted a print of Dash and Alberik. Ongaku and I put our heads together and came up with the idea of doing a Warhol style edit of them together.  I got a good laugh out of it, and she enjoyed the print quite a bit. Figured I should post it up here!


Meet Dash and Alberik. They are very cute, and like to nap and groom together - and yet, not a day goes by where this famous cycle of cuddle-to-beatdown fails to come to pass. They have a hot and cold sibling relationship.


My new camera came today!  It does many things, but I was just goofing around and I got cute pictures of my cats making sounds so now it is my obligation to share them with you!