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Toiset häät takana. Jea! Meni tää kerta jo paljon varmemmin, ei tarvinnut stressata niin paljoa ja pystyi keskittyä kuvaamiseen rauhassa.
Sanna-Marin ja Teemun häät pidettiin Alavudeella. Onnittelut heille vielä! Oli mukava olla ikuistamassa teidän häitä.
Häät oli isommat kuin edelliset, vieraita oli yli 120. Eli kuvattavaa riitti. :)
Hääpotretit otettiin Alavuteen keskustassa olevassa puistossa.

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Back from Finland!

Another great experience! The first time I went by plane and I liked it :) Allthoug I have been in Finland for just ne week I fell in love with this country. The town where I lived is called Alavus. But I saw Helsinki and some other small towns, too.  It’s so beautiful, the air is fresh, food is great, most people I met were very friendly and they have a lot of good music! Besides the houses there are very cosy and warm. So I felt well :)
The best of all was visiting the town Jyväskylä (college town) and watching the ice-hockey match in Alavus. Watching this was very exciting! :)
I’m going to post some pics later ;) 
Hope that some day I’ll go back there :)

ayylexachung said:

moominpappa, snufkin, ninny, too-ticky

Moominpappa: Are you spontaneous?
- yeah, more or less depending on the situation

Snufkin: Describe your ideal trip.
- if its in finland: a roadtrip w/ good company starting from driving to ruisrock in turku, then driving to my grandmas place in alavus, then to oulu where my dad lives, then to kilpisjärvi into a rented cottage for a few days where we could climb saana, then back the same way except wed stop by in haaparanta, sweden to buy popping candy from candyworld ! im actually gonna do this trip in summer 2016 with my friend when i have my drivers license :—) if abroad: something relaxed in a big city full of night life or in a small village with lots of locals ! museums, sightseeing, exotic food and all that good stuff

Ninny: Name five things that never fail to cheer you up.
- my dog, electro house music, popsicles, friends and himym

Too-ticky: Share an important piece of advice.
- go w/ the flow and everything is temporary, seriously ! dont stress too much about everything and just try to relax and enjoy the good moments, dont get too hung up on problems you cant solve and try to let the time to clear things up a bit ! im so much happier these days when i remember this