Hannibal + alignments; a collaboration with quinnsharleys

ethical axis: the degree to which a person follows rules and order.
a lawful person is honourable and reliable. a neutral person is neither obedient nor rebellious. a chaotic person is unpredictable and free.

moral axis: the amount of respect a person has for life and the dignity of others.
a good person makes sacrifices to protect the innocent. a neutral person is committed to those they know personally. an evil person hurts or oppresses others.

Hannibal Re-Catch: Potage

Welcome to the third installment of my Hannibal Season 1 re-watch recap (re-catch) project. This week I watched Potage. Here’s a brief summary of what happens this episode:

Abigail awakens from her TV coma and it is ALL anyone can talk about. Jack wants to know if she helped her dad kill all those girls, but she’s NOT TELLING. Meanwhile, Hannibal and Freddie manage to FUCK SHIT UP as they are wont to do. A couple of people are killed in the process, but the killers fail to HONOR EVERY PART OF THEM, so it’s just MURDER. Oh, and Will does some ACTUAL POLICE WORK. But he does it WRONG. POSSIBLY because he’s not REAL FBI.

If you feel a DIRE NEED for clarification on any of the above points, join me as I revisit the third episode of Hannibal and view it through the lens of the entire series thus far. Full series spoilers ahead.

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  Bryan Fuller on female characters in season 3:
   There’s criticism as well as there are accolades. If you’re opening yourself up you have to be open to both of them. It’s interesting to see reactions to certain female characters in the second season. And so going into the third season it’s like, “OK, Bedelia’s gotta be front and centre, we’ve gotta bring Murasaki in and she’s going to be a powerhouse with a lot to do.” And our agenda really was how do we make these characters drive their own stories as opposed to…
    You know, Alana Bloom is not going to be a caregiver. We saw that in the first season and we saw her as a romantic foil… even though Caroline was not complaining about the scenes she had with Mads partially clothed! But I felt like going into this third season our first discussion in the writer’s room was; “We have to make Alana Bloom the most interesting character on the show.” Because she hasn’t been up until this point, and she’s served her role in the story between Hannibal and Will Graham.
    Now going into season 3, we have the opportunity to change everybody as they’ve gone through this experience and take advantage of that. And it’s exciting because I’m excited to see what Caroline does, I’m excited to see what Gillian does, we’re bringing Gina Torres back, I can’t wait to find out who we cast for Murasaki. [x]