What can I do against depression?
  • Question:Alaje, what can I do against depression and/or burnout?
  • Answer:Start with SELFLOVE.
  • Do everything that I say in my videos.
  • The most important is the development of the heart.
  • You have to eliminate everything that creates negative energy , depression or fear.
  • 1) Avoid negative, angry people, or people who want to steal your energy and control you.
  • 2) Avoid people who are against Light and Love.
  • 3) Don´t drink alcohol, don’t smoke anything. Avoid places with smokers, because they are filled with negative entities.
  • 4) Change the room you are living.
  • Hang only beautiful posters and pictures on the wall, with bright colours.
  • No dark , depressive pictures.
  • 5) Don´t wear dark clothes, use colours or white.
  • 6) Don´t listen to evil music like Heavy metal or worst.
  • Listen to harmonious music, like meditation music or happy music. Music with a high frequency, music with Love.
  • 7) Go often to nature to clean your energy and charge it with new clear energy.
  • 8) Use a good smelling room-perfume. Light beings like angels, like only things
  • which are smelling good.
  • 9) Try to play sometimes. You can also use a computer game for that. Of
  • course only a funny game. Not a killing game. Games like Jump and run
  • are fun. Or you play outside ping pong.
  • 10) Make sometimes gifts to your self. Show yourself that you have
  • Selflove. Tell to your self in the mirror that you love yourself. Hang a paper
  • on the door or on the mirror and write on it “I LOVE MY SELF”
  • 11) Don´t watch negative, evil, horror movies on TV. Watch funny Movies, comics, or exciting movies which trigger your imagination for the universe and a brightful future.
  • 12) Try to paint a picture. Painting is a form of healing and meditation. Use
  • Colourful, bright colours. Not dirty, depressive colours.
  • 13) Play an instrument, make music.
  • 14) Take Vitamins and St. John’s wort.
  • 15) Don´t eat meat. If you do all this, you will see that you will change something. Start with SELF LOVE.
  • Shared this Q&A hoping it'll help somebody out there suffering with depression. Alaje is my mentor for life. Source:http://alajefromthepleiades.jimdo.com/2010/11/30/what-can-i-do-against-depression/

And so we mourn another fallen hero, and my heart fills with an unspeakable sorrow and rage. How long will our blood stain the Land of the Pure? Just now I watched this: http://youtu.be/_4sM8SYnDBw
Shaheed Professor Sibte Jafar, killed today in Karachi for the crime that is being Shia, reciting in his earlier days his best known Qasida: “Jub Imam Ayenge - When Imam arrives”. He recites: “Zakhme dil dikhayenge, jub Imam ayenge - We will show him the wounds of our hearts, when he arrives”, I sat and wept a little, because by God we will.

Watch on thefajrun.tumblr.com

Al Ajal Ya Imam

"What if the Mahdi appears in us ?! What if the second coming is the return of the light we were born with? Unshackling our soul so we may help unshackle the world … I beging the float on breeze of understanding … knowing that with every heartbeat there’s an echo of your footsteps down the hallway of time <3 #Imam #Mahdi #15th #Shaaban #Awaited #Alajal #Darkness #Time #Light

Tarja Turunen Joulu yhdessä -kiertue 2014

The enchantment of Tarja Turunen’s Christmas concerts is once again returning to Finland. More than ten shows will be presented this year, most of which in towns where she has not previously performed.
In Forssa, Eurajoki, Hankasalmi, Juva, Imatra and Kotka Tarja will appear on stage with Kalevi Kiviniemi (organ), Marzi Nyman (guitar) and Markku Krohn (percussions), better known as Harus. The band has been performing together since 2006 and three years ago released their CD, DVD and BluRay “Live at Sibelius Hall”.
In Keuruu, Alajärvi, Vaasa and Valkeakoski Tarja will perform with cellist Max Lilja, the violinist Mervi Myllyoja and the pianist Janne Hovi. In Kouvola for the last show of the tour Tarja will be accompanied by the organist Kalevi Kiviniemi in a very intimate and touching moment just before Christmas.
After many years of performing in churches and concert halls all over the country, Tarja’s Christmas tour is becoming a traditional Christmas time event.

09.12.2014 Forssa, Forssan Kirkko (Harus)
10.12.2014 Eurajoki, Eurajoen Kirkko (Harus)
12.12.2014 Hankasalmi, Hankasalmen Kirkko (Harus)
13.12.2014 Juva, Juvan Kirkko (Harus)
14.12.2014 Imatra, Vuoksenniskan Kolmen Ristin Kirkko (Harus)
16.12.2014 Keuruu, Keuruun Kirkko (Quartet)
17.12.2014 Alajärvi, Alajärven Kirkko (Quartet)
18.12.2014 Vaasa, Vaasan Kirkko (Quartet)
19.12.2014 Valkeakoski, Valkeakosken Kirkko (Quartet)
21.12.2014 Kotka, Kotkan Kirkko (Harus)
22.12.2014 Kouvola, Kouvolan Keskuskirkko (Tarja & Kalevi)

HARUS: Kalevi Kiviniemi (organ), Marzi Nyman (guitar) and Markku Krohn (percussions)
QUARTET: Max Lilja (cello), Mervi Myllyoja (violin) and Janne Hovi (piano)

Concerts start at 19:00 (doors open at 18:15) - Tickets 34,50€ incl. service fee, 35€ at the doors.
Advance sale on www.lippupalvelu.fi/artist/912044

Saaya Tatheer ki chadar ka dila de Mahdi (atfs), Meri turbat koh aake ab toh banade Mahdi (atfs)..Jisne darwaza ghiraya hai mere pehlu pe, aake uss qatil-e-Mohsin koh saza de Mahdi (atfs).. Meri turbat koh aake ab toh banade Mahdi (atfs).. Jisko manga hai duaaon main mera Ghazi hai, meri turbat pe Alam isska laga de Mahdi.