The Black-Eyed Monday Sell Out Super Sale is here! 

Our 24 hour Black-Eyed Monday Sell Out Super Sale (trying saying that fast three times!) has just started today (Monday 22nd September) at 9am. We really want to sell out our venue, the gorgeous Black-E, so we’re giving you some amazing price reductions. 

Our special guests for this year’s event are Rick Worthy, Tyler Johnston, Kim Rhodes, Alaina Huffman and Rob Benedict. Louden Swain will also be performing at the convention. It’s set to be an amazing weekend, and there’s no better time to buy a ticket than now.

Bring a friend to Salt’n’Burn for £50.00 (half price!) if you’re already attending! If not, pair up with a friend and both of you can come for £150.00!

Digital copies of photographs are also available to buy now. With a Digital Copy pass, you can get every one of your photo ops (no matter how many you buy!) emailed to you within 5 days of the event for £5.00. 

To buy your tickets or get more information, visit our website. You can also get on touch on Twitter or Facebook, or check out our handy Con Guide. The sale end tomorrow (Tuesday 23rd September) at 9am GMT.