aladyofravens replied to your post: I am in the process of making my first batch of Christmas cupcakes! Because Lindsay’s family are Danish they celebrate Christmas on the 24th (which I think is very similiar to the Swedish traditions?) So we are having a dinner tonight and then tomorrow a lunch where I need to make another batch of around 50 cupcakes and then on boxing day we are having a friends christmas mini party :) So we get like three christmas days

My stepmom grew up in a very traditional German family, and she too celebrates Christmas on the 24th. Its a neat tradition :)

Oh cool that would be nice! I would imaginable that it is probably celebrated on the 24th in alot of different places really just not so aware of it :)

m0rrignae said:

To answer your question, yup! I do mean the very novel by JR Ward. I've been a fan of hers since the start of the BDB series in 2005 and have all the books (including the behind the scenes book). I'm stoked to see Quinn's/Blay's book coming out this March. I expect it too be *good*! Do you have a favorite brother? And did you know there is such a thing as BDB jewelry? I googled it, its awesome ;)


i’ve fallen off the fanwagon in recent years, unfortunately; the last book i read was ‘lover avenged’. i was considering re-reading the series at some point, but there are just so many books on my to-read list…

guh! i’d forgotten about the compendium-thing… now that i think about it, i had that one, too. i loved reading the chapters about her writing process, and the interviews…!

my favourite is phury, although that really just means ‘phury and zsadist’ because well.
qhuinn and blay are the next?! that’s amazing! i just may need to jump back into the fandom waters for this one…

{ i did not know about the jewellery; i must see this for myself! } 

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♛, ❋, ♣ and ☢ <3

Since when you started tumblrin’?
I honestly don’t remember, but I think it has been about 2-3 years. My best friend told me about it.

My nickname?
I have quite a few. Sammy, Sammich, Muppet, my last name, and other ones that I can’t think of right now.

I fangirl over:
Misha Collins. Of course, I don’t show it though. When I met him in August, I acted casual. I see no reason to physically flip shit. I like to keep it in my mind. Haha!

Top 5 TV Shows/Movies
The Walking Dead
The Vampire Diaries
Family Guy
Gilmore Girls (I miss that show, okay.)

The Nightmare Before Christmas
My Bloody Valentine
The Boondock Saints
Fried Green Tomatoes
Dirty Dancing

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Hi, love. :) Your name caught my attention, and I'm delighted to see another Fae and fae-related themes here! I thank you, miss, for capturing my attentions. I hope you're having a good night and that I may speak with you soon! xx

Hello faery!

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Just read your reply before heading to bed. :) But yes! There is merch to buy to show off your fandom for BDB. Teehshirts, hoodies, jewelry... its on cafepress, and all the proceeds go to charity. You feel me? ;) But yeah, the WARDen is on facebook, you should follow her for updates. [That's how I knew of Team Qlay's novel.] And Phury/Zsadist are a good choice. I'm torn between Wrath, Rhage and Vishous myself. YUM. Anyway. Erm. Well...good to see a fellow fan! <3

haha, i feel you!

i remember i used to lurk the messageboards a lot… that feels like ages ago. but what kills me is that i don’t have the signed copy of ‘lover revealed’ that i once hoarded with my life D= it was hell getting to the bookstore to meet her, and i don’t even have the evidence anymore. sucks.

wrath used to be my favourite — in that ‘he was the first’ sort of way. vishous’ book was one hell of a ride, i remember that… ha!

same here!