Huuunngg ooverrr. Definitely worth it for the hangs with Megan, @dirtycurt, @naciaperder, Pitbull Dan, @creatineburrito, @chaosxreigns, @xgrubbyx & the rest of No Zodiac. So good running into everyone else too! Seriously a great day/night. Oh yeah, I cut & colored my hair. #ForeverDrunk #AladdinJrs #Hungover #BackToBlack

Tonight is gonna be quite a slobber knocker. I haven’t been to a show in a while, and I’m so pumped to see da homies in @isolationad and @kidarmor playing with #rudeawakening, #mongoloids and #frostbite …Can’t wait, who will I be seeing there tonight? #aladdinjrs #theawakening #strikethehammer #southcountystraightedge #sosbooking #showtime

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- Nate & Scott / SOS Booking

Cutest little sister award goes to this amazing Harem Girl! She did stupendous in Aladdin Jr. & I’m so proud of her! 🎊 #AladdinJr #HKA (at Hollywood Kids Academy for the Performing Arts)