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Because that Oliver speaking russian fic was super hot, how about super possessive Bratva Captain!Oliver and his innocent wife Felicity who are married for purely convenience (she cant testify against him) but that doesn't stop them from doing anything (*cough cough* smut *cough) cause they have explosive chemistry. Oliver's super territorial because a lot of the guys in the Bratva have a thing for Felicity. Oliver is still CEO of QC.

It had been a moment of weakness, the instant in which Felicity Smoak uttered those two most fatal words.

“I do.”

Night after night she recounted that occasion, remembered seeing Oliver Queen standing across from her, his face grim, his jaw set.  He’d said the words as well, and their fates had been bound together.  It hadn’t been romantic.  It had been a business transaction.

Felicity Smoak had, rather unfortunately, become privy to information regarding her boss Oliver’s connections to certain high-profile crimes.  As his personal assistant at Queen Consolidated, she was primely positioned to learn everything about him.

But she’d needed protection from her past, and Oliver could give her that.  Oliver Queen?  He had needed to be sure Felicity would never speak out against him in a court of law.  A deal was struck.

And so began her dark spiral into the underworld of the Russian mob.  She lived under almost constant threat of death, and yet, strangely, she had never felt safer.  It hadn’t taken long for Oliver’s associates to warm up to the new Queen.  They revered her, adored her, and there was a list a mile long of those among them who would lay down their lives to protect her from harm.  In a city where one cop in fifty was a good man, that knowledge allowed Felicity to sleep soundly at night.

It drove Oliver insane.  The men thought it was jealousy.  Felicity thought it was some ridiculous need to assert his control.  Oliver tried not to think about it at all.

The marriage was a peculiar one.  She hated Oliver Queen.  He…didn’t say a damned thing about what he thought of her.  But the overwhelming sentiment the moment they had both signed the marriage contract was essentially, “Damn it all, couldn’t we have thought of any other way?”  They were married, and they would live despicably ever after.

She would always recall that first evening together with a shudder.  Oh, that night!  She recalled Oliver showing her to her room, her heart beating in her throat as she realized that the marriage wasn’t a legally binding one until….

“You don’t have to touch me!” the words had tumbled out of her mouth bluntly, before she could contain them or rearrange them more delicately.

Oliver’s tiny laugh had sent a chill through her blood, as he stepped closer to her, his eyes dark.  “Don’t I?”

“I…no…” she whispered.  “I agreed to this.  I’ll say it was–was–” she stammered.

“Consummated?” Oliver had provided the word, and the air had rushed right out of her.  He stepped still closer and she’d found herself backed against a wall (Oh, what a fitting metaphor for her life in that moment!  Backed against a wall, indeed!).  “What,” he asked quietly, his eyes flickering to her lips, “if I say I don’t trust you?”

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can you make a prompt in which oliver, kill viciously the person responsible for hurting felicity in his date, and detective lance telling laurel about it, and telling her how he thinks it was personal and how he thinks it is because "the arrow" have something for the IT girl of QC who was injured. and of course laurel Knows!... do I make any sense? feel free to change anything.. just make it high Olicity content.

[To be honest, Anon, this was a little bit of a confusing prompt.  I wasn’t sure how to have a fic about the Lances but keep it high in “Olicity content” other than the subject of conversationg being Olicity.

Anyway, I love writing Lance, and it was  fun exercise to write a little Laurel.  But this one was a bit of a struggle since it was sort of low in plot-content, and more rambling.  Hopefully you guys will still enjoy it.]

—The Smoak Girl—

“What…what happened?” Laurel looked at her father, shock in every inch of her face, hardly daring to believe what he’d told her.

Lance shook his head wearily,resting his head in his hands.  “I dunno, Laurel,” he said weakly.  “I just know there’s been one death.  One.  One that we could directly link to the Arrow in the last year, and that was the death of the Count.  Three arrows to the heart.”

“What’s that got to do with anything?”  Laurel frowned, trying to follow her father’s thoughts.  She hadn’t seen him like this in a long time.  He looked so distressed, defeated.  There was genuine anxiety building behind his eyes, and fear etched in his face.  Her heart clenched with worry.

“Because it was him this time, too, Laurel.  I know it.”


“I was there…when they found the body.  He was pinned to the wall with an arrow through his throat.  We’re keeping the media quiet about it for now, but word’s bound to get out that the Arrow’s killed again.”  Lance grimaced, shaking his head.

Laurel’s mind reeled.  That wasn’t the Ollie she knew.  Knowing who the Arrow was…it had been insanity inducing trying to come to terms with everything she knew about Oliver Queen and everything she knew about the Hood.  But her comfort, what got her through the night was knowing that every day for the past two years he had been gradually becoming a better person, fighting to do the right thing, to be a hero.  But to remember the number of lives he had taken when he first came home…it made her stomach churn.

This, though…this was…

“Brutal,” her father finished her thoughts.  He heaved a sigh and ran a hand through his hair.  “And that Smoak girl is in the hospital,” he sighed, “which just makes my day even worse.  I worry about that woman.”


Lane waved a hand, worried he’d given away something.  “Oliver Queen’s—”

“Assistant. I know.  We’ve…met,” Laurel trailed off on the insufficient word, her frown deepening.  She certainly had met Felicity Smoak, had seen her take down one of the most frightening men Laurel had ever met: Slade Wilson.  She’d been wondering for months about Felicity Smoak, about who she was and how she had become so indispensable to one of her closest friends without Laurel ever realizing it.  She’d barely noticed Felicity Smoak until the night Slade kidnapped them both.  “Is she all right?  Why is she in the hospital?”

Lance shook his head.  “She got caught in the explosion this afternoon.  I don’t know that it had anything to do with the murder tonight, but…”

“An Arrow to the throat suggests that it does,” Laurel shivered, piecing it together and running her hands over her arms.  “You mentioned the Count.”

Lance nodded.  “The last time the Arrow killed—”

“—was the night the Count kidnapped Felicity Smoak,”   Oh, Ollie, she thought silently, do you even know?  Do you even realize how deeply you’ve fallen?  

“That girl’s gotten involved in some things that have me scared for her.  I just hope she comes out of all this all right one day.”

Laurel’s face was grim.  “Dad.  Is she okay?”

“She’s in intensive care.”

Laurel stood.

“Where are you going?”

“To see her.  She saved my life last spring.  It’s the least I can do.”  Besides, someone would need to watch over her so Oliver could get some sleep.

Because Laurel had no doubt that now that he’d gotten his vengeance, Oliver had not left Felicity Smoak’s side for a moment.

[#509. Grey-aromantic Asexuals have an impeccable fashion sense.]


Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile. I’m no longer able to upload pictures from mobile because the tumblr app fucking sucks. I get a lot of messages asking for more of Sarah, so she sent these to hold you guys over until our next photo shoot which will be done with proper cameras and not just my phone.

a post for people who are afraid of driving

here’s some advice from a fellow young person who was once deeply terrified of driving and put it off for two years

  • don’t drive on the public roads at first. practise very very slow driving at a farm, empty carpark, cemetery, or road that you know will be deserted
  • steel yourself. you are a warrior. you are in control of the car, it is not in control of you.
  • no, you should not trust other drivers. other drivers are unpredictable and rude and bloody awful.
  • BUT
  • you should trust yourself. be cautious, especially in the beginning, but remember that you have been observing people driving your whole life and you can do this.
  • GET A CERTIFIED DRIVING INSTRUCTOR. your parents/older family members can only teach you so much! they’re likely not up to date with the road laws and have fallen into habits which won’t get you a ticket but WILL make you fail your driving test. invest in a driving instructor - especially if they’re affiliated with whoever administers the test. they will know all the tricks and tests and prepare you for them.
  • drive whenever you can. pick up your siblings, drive relatives to their houses and back, drive instead of taking public transport. the 120 hours will melt away before your eyes. (for australians - idk about other countries.)
  • when you first go on the highway, don’t panic. focus on maintaining your speed and staying in your lane. the other drivers will be able to overtake you, don’t worry about them. you can move on to overtaking yourself once you’ve figured out how to relax and stay steady. being on the highway is all about being steady.
  • trucks and buses are terrifying, i know, but you’ll get used to it, i promise. they will still be arseholes, but you’ll get mad instead of getting scared. you are a warrior!
  • speaking of, a healthy dose of getting pissed off at shitty drivers will help you. it’s a good sign - it means you’re getting better and more confident.
  • practise parallel parking BEHIND ONE car, not BETWEEN TWO cars. that way you’ve got room to make mistakes.
  • breathe! relax your posture while you drive, it’ll stop you turning the wheel too hard or pushing the pedals too suddenly.
  • remember different cars drive differently - some are super sensitive, others, not so much. take time to get to know a new car.

listen, i used to have recurring nightmares about driving. i get it. it’s scary. but you will get there, i promise. it just takes time and a little bravery. now i drive on the melbourne ring road every week, and if you don’t know, the ring road is one of the busiest highways in victoria, full of trucks and impatient people trying to get home/get to work. it took a ong time but now i’m a confident driver - and you’ll get there too, i promise.