Sly: Hmm. I use Ren when I Rhyme so technically he’s my Allmate too. If I had to choose another one however… uh… a raven? I don’t know, isn’t that creature often associated with death or storms or some crap like that? I like it. Not that it matters, Aoba’s never going to let go of his puffball of a dog.

(I thought I could draw a raven allmate but it turns out I wAS VERY WRONG OTL I APOLOGISE TO EVERYONE WHO SEES THIS AND EVERY RAVEN OUT THERE
Also sorry about the slow replies! Colouring takes a while haha, I want to go through everyone but aaah so many asks;; I’LL TRY TO SPEED UP YEAAHH)

anonymous said:

Wishing you the happiest birthday! May it be filled with being spoiled by Hubby, Tiny Kitten kisses, awesome Senshi crashing the party involving Minako bringing alcohol, Mako bringing yummy food, Ami bringing a thoughtful gift and some bottled water, and Usagi bringing an angry Rei-chan with a red bow on her head. Her birthday gift to you is letting you smother Rei with all the love. (It took a lot of effort to convince Rei.)

I love every single thing here. Usagi presenting a tied and bound and highly indignant Rei is the gift that will keep giving forever.

my type is adorable badasses with shiny eyes and leather jackets and cool hair who are good with kids but can also probably kill a man and they giggle like a dork and read good books and care about people even if they don’t always say it but listen to rock or punk music and they’re kinda like lol screw society but I’M GONNA SAVE IT and they’ll stop in their tracks if they see a cute lil bunnybun but they aren’t necessarily always gentle if u know what i mean and also might text me good night/good morning or bring me coffee all while wearing badass eyeliner and being hot in general damn i have high expectations i’m sorry


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