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Walmart imposes new employee dress code, suggests where to shop for it

Effective September 29, Walmart retail workers, or sales “associates,” will have to put some of their meager hourly pay toward new clothes.

Gawker first reported that the Walton family-owned conglomerate, valued at nearly $250 billion and under increasing criticism for paying low wages and scant benefits to its employees, issued a cheery edict on its internal server requiring “associates to wear white or navy blue collared shirts with khaki or black pants, capris, or skirts and closed toe shoes in any color,” complemented by a navy blue Walmart vest provided by the company. The point, wrote human resources manager Barbara Simone, a “single mom, from a small town” who climbed the Walmart ranks, is to “help customers easily find us” and “help drive teamwork, customer service, and sales.”

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Photo: Walmart.com

Coffee In The Morning (And Kisses In The Night)
  • Coffee In The Morning (And Kisses In The Night)
  • Lew Stone & Al Bowlly

Artist: Lew Stone & his band  with vocals by Al Bowlly 
Song: Coffee In The Morning (And Kisses In The Night) 
Recorded: 1934

I’ve got a mission
It’s just a simple thing

I’ve only one ambition: 
to have right to being you…

Your coffee in the morning
and kisses in the night

It makes no difference
where we decide to live

As long as I’m the one, dear,
who’s always gonna give you…

Your coffee In the morning
and kisses in the night