mysticalmagicalmasterpiece asked:

Imagine Steve discovers cosplaying and finds out it is very much his thing

"It’s almost embarrassing how fast Steve’s adapted to nerd culture." Tony says, making a wounded noise when Pepper digs an elbow into his side. 

"Says the guy who’s currently dressed up as Batman." Steve says as he comes into the room, huge grin on his face. As soon as he heard about the convention, he’d started making a costume, and had shortly dragged all his friends into it as well. They were originally going to go as the Justice League, because Steve absolutely adores the comics, but Tony had vetoed it, saying that their own super hero team was much better and, also, real.

And yet, Tony was Batman. Steve raised an eyebrow, shaking his head. 

"Hey, don’t shake your head at me. You’re dressed up as the Winter Soldier. Do you know how lame it is to cosplay as your best friend?" He asks, and Bucky clears his throat as he enters, in full Captain America costume. 

"Pretty lame." He says, and Sam laughs so hard he falls off the couch, Superman cape getting tangled in his legs. 

"See, we could have gone as the justice league!" Steve says, petulantly, pointing at where Bruce is in Aquaman gold and green, and at Nat and Thor, who have their long, long legs kicked up on the table, matching Wonder Woman costumes on display. Steve shakes his head and heads for the elevator. 

"Are you literally just wearing Steves costume?" Sam asks Bucky, who smirkes but says nothing. 

"That’s cheating, man." Bucky throws an arm around Sams shoulder. 

"You can wear it next con."


anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve and the gang playing monopoly and he just wipes the floor with everyone cause he's frugal and hordes money. He totally has savings that he keeps under his but! :3

"Where did you even pull that from!!" Clint shouts, practically flipping the table and monopoly board over as he jumps to his feet. Steve just smiles, handing over the money for Mayfair to the bank (run by Pepper, regardless of how much Tony begged.) 

"I’ve been saving." Steve said, shrugging, and Tony glared at him over his own meager savings and re-mortgaged properties.

"You didn’t even take that money from your piles!" Clint huffs as he flops down into the lounge again, halfheartedly rearranging his pitiful money piles and re-re-re-mortgaged properties in an attempt to get them as neat and orderly as Steves. 

"Saving." Steve replies simply. Tony glowers even further when Pepper laughs. The other Avengers laugh from where they’re watching, all having firmly declined the invitation to play. Steve winks at them when, next time both Tony and Clint aren’t looking, he takes a few more bills from in front of him and puts it into his savings pile, right under his butt. 

Bruce is laughing so hard he’s having trouble breathing, especially when Clint almost flips the board again. Steve just smiles calmly at Tony, waiting for the man to pay up, knowing that it’s the easiest way to rile Tony up. He starts to develop a tick at the corner of his eye, and Steve calmly gathers the money Tony practically threw at him. 

Steve calmly ignores Natasha muttering ‘hoarder' as she walks past the table and into the kitchen. He's just being frugal. He knows how to save money; this game was practically made for him.

anonymous asked:

Imagine steve taking in Gaelic when he gets tired.

It’s only Steve and Natasha who were on the mission, but the mission had turned to shit about five seconds after they arrived, and they’d enforced radio silence until the pick up. Two and a half days of radio silence with the last thing heard over coms being a cut off ‘fuck’ from Steve. Needless to say, the car at the rendezvous took them to a jet filled with Avengers. 

Natasha’s sitting in a seat, too alert, eyes flicking to every shift of movement, and Steve’s dozing in his seat. Head lolled back, jerking awake at every sudden noise. All the earth bound Avengers are doing their best to be still and quiet and by the time they get back to New York, Natasha’s starting to relax and Steve’s about to pass out. Natasha puts a careful hand on his shoulder as they land, preparing to debrief and finally, finally sleep. 

"Up and attem, Cap." Tony says, leaning next to the exit. 

"Ní féidir codladh mé díreach anseo?" He mumbles, and Tony raises an eyebrow, while Clint and Bruce look over in interest. 

"He does that when he’s tired." Natasha informs them. Shaking Steves shoulder this time, she easily outmaneuvers him and Steve lurches to his feet a few moments later. 

"You still have to debrief." Clint reminds them, and Natasha gives a small smile, warmth in her eyes. 

"He’s only spoken in Gaelige for the past four hours. Should be interesting." 

"Plé amárach. Codladh anois." Steve mumbles as he half misses the ramp, almost falling out of the plane.