The problem is football, and the Premier League in particular, is not set up for the regular home and away fan. If you’re an armchair fan, it’s absolutely amazing. On Monday there is always lots of office chat about ‘Did you see when Kamara did this on Soccer Saturday?’ or 'Did you see that Arsenal goal yesterday?“ and I’ll say 'No, we were stuck on a train back from Wigan…” - and they’ll laugh at me. The football is fast and exciting, the television production is second to none, why on earth would they want to spend £150 going to Wigan to sit in the cold….

…It’s no longer structured or priced with the common or garden home and away die-hard in mind - it’s for tourists, pickers and choosers, corporate and Sky subscribers….

…Football is increasingly looking at those who want to attend every one of their club’s games as a bit mad…

…So, you and everybody else in my life screams, 'Don’t go. Nobody is forcing you’. And you’re probably right, and maybe one day I’ll get a life and won’t go to QPR every week and few will notice and even fewer will care - least of all Queens Park Rangers.

—  Excerpts from a roundly excellent article in the AKUTR’s fan zine by Clive Whittingham.  The lament of the modern football fan.