Honestly, I never got why Roxas was so crazy about Xion. I know they both joined up around the same time, and they’re both rookies, but how do you get so close to somebody who hides their face all the time? Well, I saw it today. All of a sudden, No. XIV up and takes off… her hood. Xion is a girl, and she looks just like Naminé.

Yeah — I know, he probably just was refering to the fact that they have the same face.  But still; the idea that Axel saw Xion as a black-haired Namine is dear to my heart.

hi guys, lola here!

seeing as 8/13 and 8/14 are only a few days away, i thought it might be a fun thing to do a weeks worth of tribute for akuroku, akushi, and akurokushi day, especially seeing as this year marks the end of the two year streak of having official 8/13/14 and 8/14/13 days!!! 

you’re welcome to do a full week’s worth graphics, fan art, video editing, or fanfiction of any or all four of the pairings included in the akurokushi OTP spectrum, or a mixture!!! the four pairings of akurokushi are, of course, akuroku, rokushi, akushi, and akurokushi!

PROMPTS LIST: (*) denotes this prompt is best for editors! // (**) denotes this prompt is better for artists/writers!

  • 8/13: day one - favourite quote* // firsts**
  • 8/14: day two - truths / lies 
  • 8/15: day three - incorporate a song or a set of lyrics
  • 8/16: day four - emotions / tears / hearts
  • 8/17: day five - favourite scene(s)* // reincarnation / au** 
  • 8/18: day six - hello / goodbye
  • 8/19: day seven - free day

the official dates of the prompt are those listed above, but as this interferes with the timing of soriku week, feel free to post any of the prompts at any time throughout august. also, if you can’t come up with an idea for any of the prompts listed, feel free to take a free day, or to message me for a new prompt.

if you’re thinking about participating, don’t forget to reblog this post and spread the word. the official tag is #akurokushiweek, but you’re free to tag your stuff specifically as #akurokuweek, #rokushiweek, or #akushiweek!! 

happy shipping!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Axel vs Xion
  • Axel:Why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs?
  • Xion:Axel...
  • Axel:Xion...what are you gonna do?
  • Xion:I've decided that I have to go back to where I belong
  • Axel:Well, to be honest, I always felt that was best, right from the very beginning.
  • Axel:But you know, it still really bugs me. Something about this just stinks.
  • Xion:It's for the good of everyone.
  • Axel:But how do you know that?
  • Axel:Everybody thinks they're right...
  • Xion:This is right.
  • Axel:They're gonna destroy you!
  • Xion:Please don't hold back, Axel.
  • Xion:Promise.
  • Axel:What's your Problem!?
  • Axel:You both...think you can do whatever you want!
  • Axel:Well I am sick of it!
  • Axel:Go on, you just keep running! But I'll always be there to bring you back!