ontologicalreification said:

I just read that DC is planning on producing a Teen Titans live action television show, and it's supposed to be written by Akiva Goldsman and Marc Haimes. You know a lot about comic writers, so I was wondering if you think it'll be any good?

if you’re a teen titans fan, like a long running teen titans fan… you know very well that any hopes on titans media, especially teen titans comics, becoming good again, is a desperate, fingers crossed, hold your breath till you pass out affair. even going back and reading new teen titans leaves you wincing and clenching your teeth occasionally, mostly over the existence of terry long himself, among other things. and the recent teen titans comic series by scott lobdell was an incredible fucking mess that ended in a way that i can only assume that DC wants to pretend never even fucking happened. god is involved. heavily. the only likeable person throughout the whole affair? bunker.

akiva goldsman did I Am Legend. Marc Haimes did Hotel For Dogs. odd combo, so let’s not think about their credentials and more about the titans.

the teen titans are PERFECT for a teen drama series. in fact, that was a lot of New Teen Titans appeal! characters interacting and developing with each other, and shitloads of drama. just loaded to the gills with it. so the way you want to think about this is 1. are they gonna go action focused (bad idea, especially considering limited budget) to try and rope in the 18-49 male audience they seem obsessed with, or are they gonna go drama focused, which makes for better stories and more interesting characters, even if it does get soap opery and 2. is the writing, for both the plot and the characters, actually going to be any fucking good.

the ultimate question for me is this:

how many episodes will they wait before they go “we NEED to do the judas contract yet again”.

ideally? for me, they save that for the season finale, leading into season 2.

most likely? they start it at fucking episode 1, because we can’t have nice things.

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