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And this was on Sawai Miyuu’s blog too! (2012-2-8)

Aw, look at them! It makes me so happy to see pictures of some PGSM cast members together, especially when they include those guys who don’t blog or otherwise give signs of life to let us know they’re okay (I’m looking at you Kubodera-san).

I ran the blog entry through babylon, and I’m not certain I get it, but it seems they’ve come to see a performance of Sawai Miyuu which made her very happy.

She calls them Ayaka-chan, Mew-chan and Kubodera-san. She also calls him a handsome guy ;D

Akira Kubodera is also on facebook now, with this awesome background picture.

I’m certain he loved those poses! He looks like he had so much fun doing them. Was perhaps asking to do some more each time they thought they were done. Ended up in the hundreds. They had to turn off the lights to make him stop. Realizing then he continued in the dark. Had to tell him his wife is on the phone and sounds urgent to finally get him off the set. He’s still doing them at home for the kids at least once per day.  ;) ;) ;)



Akira Kubodera pictures from the And Endless sites.

I finally found more pictures of Akira Kubodera from his engagement at the And Endless theatric company, thanks to fuckyeahpgsm’s latest PGSM boys feature that made me search for more. Please don’t ask me why I haven’t been able to find them earlier, I have no explanation considering that I’ve been googling the company and my favourite Japanese guy often enough but ahem, obviously googling is a skill that improves with practise…

But now I’ve got them, and here they are! Will break the pictures up in different posts, starting with some promo pictures of various plays. They’re all from the official And Endless site. I can give separate links for each picture if you don’t find them there.

And now excuse me, I’ll need a moment of caps locked fangirling off screen…

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Behind this link, there’s a three-pages long interview that the toeihero special fanclub did with Akira Kubodera for his role as villain in Boukenger. Lots of amazing pictures coming with it which I will give you in a later post, along with what I can machine translate out of the interview. For today, I think we can only handle one more picture of extreme Akira-ness. ;)

Strawberry Night feat. Akira Kubodera

Found out that Akira Kubodera plays in another crime series that aired this very 2012 already (Strawberry Night, episode 6), and guess what? 

He’s dead! Oh nooo! Not again!

While the last time he died in a crime series, we at least got to see him naked in the autopsy scene for a second, this time all we get is a pretty messy death.

Not much blood, but still quite disturbing.

Also, this is almost all we get to see of Kubodera-san at all in the episode.

There is a briefing where his foto is shown, and then I waited for flashbacks to come. 

The flashback scene into his living days was really short, really only one scene (plus the stabbing scene). But what a build-up it got! For quite a while, various people starting telling the police what a good guy this Nagatsuka had been. No one wished him harm, everyone loved and respected him, he had an interesting job and was well-respected all around. And then, when we finally get to see this miracle of manhood, we get this lovely picture:

Really, he’s dreamy! Ha, so we finally get to see Akira Kubodera as a throroughly good guy sweeping through the rainy night with his umbrella? I appreciate that, I really do.

But somehow, something’s missing in this scene.

Needs more shojo sparkles.

See? Fixed that for you.

All in all, this episode wasn’t too bad to watch. I enjoyed seeing some actors I knew, and while the characters weren’t exactly complex and their conflicts not dealt with much dignity, they were interesting, and the story was entertaining. 

Seeing a new facet played out by Akira Kubodera was nice, but we really didn’t get to see much of him. So even while it was boooooring, I liked the other police series he was killed in better, because he had more scenes, looked better, had less clothes on and his character was more interesting.

Sawai Miyuu’s Blog “My Heart” from Dec 29, 2010

(click on the picture to be linked there.)

Saw this in the Genvid & Dies Gaudii Forums in the thread that keeps up with the PGSM cast (although if you’re interested in the Shitennou, you don’t have to sieve through the almost 50 pages to find the only two entries there, if you’re a bit patient, you’ll find the same info here in a few days - but I do recommend the Sailor Moon forum for all kinds of Shitennou information though, just not that thread).

Must say this picture melts me down. They look so sweet together,  and  according to this blog http://www.three-lights.net/blog/?p=842, she was very moved to see him again. I remember from the Oshiokiyo specials that she liked him a lot when they were acting together. 

Let me just repeat how much I love this picture - thanks for posting this, Sawai-san! 

And aw, Akira’s smile… *off to melt some more*

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And this is what Akira Kubodera has lately been doing, apart from making babies or giving fotographers a Kunzite memorial smirk ;)

He’s been on stage with this play around the country until recently. There’s a great site for the play with video trailers and lots of pictures. They don’t say who plays who though, so I’m not certain what his role was. Being a great actor, he always gives each of his characters a unique body language and speech pattern, and so it wasn’t that easy to spot him.

My best guess is he played the guy with the white vest:

(video still from the trailer)

(stage foto)