"Tanzan Aura Quartz can open the inner eye to awareness of the ‘other worlds’ which co-exist with the Earth’s physical level of vibration. It allows one to communicate with spirit guides, angels, deceased humans, ETs and other entities of the normally invisible realms. It enhances one’s access to hidden knowledge and can aid interdimensional travelers in accessing the akashic records and other mor-phogenic fields of information. It can aid one in uni­fying individual consciousness with that of one’s Higher Self. Emotionally, Tanzan Aura Quartz allows one to kindle spiritual passion and to transcend states of indifference and boredom. It renews one’s zest for the path of mysticism and self-actualization." 💙 (text via celestialights.com) (📷 via: Pinterest)

Summer and break commission ideas

So when I’m home for breaks from school, I have a couple commission ideas in the works. Let me know what you think and what you would like?

  1. Past Life reading commissions: I’ve done these before. They’re 1-3 page pdf files of a past life vision that I gather from the Akashic records. $10-15 a page. 
  2. Energy reading: A “diagnosis” of any energetic anomalies, blocks, issues, etc, and how to heal it. Probably a two page thing? $20-30
  3. Spirit drawings: Since I’m an illustration major, I could totally draw your spirits (I’d share examples at request if this is a good idea). Whether you know or not, I could illustrate what you look like as a spirit. (Most likely humanoid, but I might get other visions; or you could give me a description if you don’t want me to intuit it). Color or sketch probably, usual commission prices ($20-40).

Also, a total separate question, but do you think it’s a smart idea to link this blog to my main art blog? Or would that be bad as a budding professional illustrator. I wouldn’t link my main art blog to this one, though. 

A Way to Astral Project

Astral projection is a spiritual, almost trance-like, state of meditation where you guide your astral body (sort of in between your physical body and your spiritual self) lifts out of your physical body. It allows you to travel through space and time, see spirits, meet up with other projectors, and even enter into people’s dreams to contact them. 

It can also be dangerous if you don’t ask your guide to help protect you, or you don’t shield yourself. Here is a post I’ve made on shielding. 

Below is one possible and usually effective way to projecting. It takes practice, like all meditation, so just keep trying if it doesn’t work! Or intuitively modify the method.

  1. Choose the time best for you: Usually the morning or after a nap is the most effective, because you can wake up your mind, but your body has less sensation and is therefore easier to leave. This is something that will be different for everyone, so figure out what works for you!
  2. Lie down in a quiet space: Make sure no one with interrupt you (such interruption will ground you right back to the physical plane). Darken the room so your eyes aren’t distracted with bright lights. Be relaxed and comfortable, trying to minimize physical sensation. Also, have a blanket over yourself so you don’t get cold. Even on a warm day this might be needed.
  3. Shield yourself: The link is above in the description on how to. I would ward your astral body and physical body with a white light, perhaps using the blanket and imagining that it is protecting your body with light. Worst case scenario would be for a negative spirit to use your body when you leave it to project. Also ask your guide(s), even if you don’t know their names, to protect you with pure intentions and from all negativity. 
  4. Relax your body: Start by focusing on your breathing, then move through your muscle groups and imagine each place of tension disappearing. Sometime a healing light, and imagining that, will help. You can work up or down on  your body. Just relax as best you know how. Breathe away any thoughts too. Notice them, then just let them go with an exhale. A few minutes of this will clear your mind. But, it is natural for some thoughts to stay, and that’s okay! It won’t stop you from projecting, it just means that you’re human.
  5. Let your mind wander and focus on a single points in your body: A small point, like your hand, heart, a toe, etc. Focus on this one point and let the rest of your body naturally fall into a sleep like state. 
  6. Start to visualize your body and feel it’s presence: It’s possible to see or imagine yourself looking different than your physical self at this point. Just accept what you feel and look like.
  7. Flex your body parts mentally: This means that you don’t move any part of your body, but you image it moving until you can feel it vividly. This is your astral body moving. Slowly “move” more parts of your body.
  8. Enter your resonation/vibrational state: All spirits, atoms, particles, energies, etc vibrate with certain frequencies. Start to pay attention to your astral self and you’ll probably, by this point, be feeling a subtle vibration. Let it build until it’s incredibly powerful. If you don’t feel the vibration yet, then continue the above step until you do. Audio and visual hallucinations are common here, like extremely loud sounds or patterns that your eyes are seeing. These aren’t harmful in any way. The most difficult part of the vibration is combating fear. It is overwhelming, especially the first time, because you are transcending the physical plane. Just relax into it and let it flow over you. It will not harm you.
  9. Leave your body: Use your mind to lift out of your body, using the vibration to increase the ability to do so. Anyone can do this, but you need to trust yourself. Don’t allow yourself to doubt your ability, just have faith even for a few moments that you can leave your body, visualize it, then look back at your physical body once you are out of it. You can practice by just lifting a leg or arm out of your body first. Don’t expect a full projection on your first try! Just practice what it feels like until you understand your own astral self and how to have it leave your body, even if just in parts. 
  10. Explore: Be careful and take a guide with you. You can go anywhere now, besides some “restricted sections” (like “Heaven,” other people’s Akashic records, the Tree of Life, etc). If you ever feel threatened then just follow a silver cord back to your body. It should be connected to you around stomach. It is always there as soon as you focus on it. You can access your Akashic records, meet up with spirits or other projectors, go back in time (like literally see historical or future events), or interact in a plane you design for yourself, like a sanctum or astral altar. 
  11. Return to your body: Just imagine yourself going back and you will. You can also let the silver cord pull you or your guides guide you back into your body. If you see your physical self, then just align yourself and fall back into your body. Then slowly wiggle toes and fingers until sensation comes back. Don’t get up until you feel fully present, because you could be dizzy or lightheaded. 

If you have any questions, feel free to message me or follow me to reply to posts!

book of the sun (akashic records)
mixed media photo painting on wood panel
© Yuko Ishii
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Can we just appreciate everything going on in this gif.

Arnav: Hahahha dumbass.

Akash: What did you really expect man?



I’m not the one for reportings stuff in photography, I really love art works and portraiture.. but.. he’s one of the best young-generation reporters I’ve seen around. I’ve the pleasure to know him in person. we are good friends now.. like brothers..he’s a great person… or as i love to say.. a great human being. there’s a difference. anyway.. take a tour.. stumble upon these great pics.. and feel the art touch on reporting… it’s not so obvious.