She has lost in the darkness. Everybody used to scream at her, everybody used to joke on her, everybody always treated her like the scum. So, she started. She started to hate herself. She was only a eight years old child, then they came. Two little boys, who asked her :’ why are you sitting here, where nobody can see you? ’ and she said:’ because nobody want me to sit in the sunny place’ .
One of them , then :’ but we want! What’s your name?’
Sayaka raised her head and said:’ my name is Sayaka, Sayaka Akaibara’
Then, the other one said:’ wow! What a beautiful name for a beautiful child! But if your name means shining, why are you still here? Come with us! ’ and the both started to smile kindy.
Sayaka couldn’t believe it. So she got up and followed them. That’s how this story begin…
This is a story about the girl who overcame the darkness, the boy who saved his loved one, and the other boy who became a great fighter. But every begin is slow.
So, even this one will be slow.