One of my favourite background faces in DC: Akai Shuuichi during his first Edogawa Conan experience. (I didn’t notice that he was about to karate chop that hijacker until a couple of rereads–should really pay more attention to background randomers in DC since, on current showing, it’s highly likely that every single one of them is a secret service agent of some flavour infiltrating the BO.)

~ Conan-kun's plot (Files 894+) ~

Everything is going as planned… by that boy”. I already wrote a lot about latest files, but let’s try to re-create Conan-kun’s plot, at least the part we’ve already seen, and try to find the meaning of all that. Kusuda Rikumichi theory turned out to be almost correct, voice changer one too, let’s try to guess what’s going on now. Moreover, let’s go with the most promising theory, the one about current Okiya Subaru-san being Kudō Yūsaku-san, and don’t play with other possibilities, since this one is almost obviously true at this point. So, what happened in latest files? What Conan-kun may be after? I won’t go too deep into how trap was placed. Mystery Train events, hat, even psychological trick that made Camel-san to tell Vermouth about Kusuda Rikumichi - all that is pretty much obvious. Let’s talk about what’s going on now. So, here’s the possible plot.

First - make Amuro-san to visit and make him sit in a way in which he’ll get the clear view of TV. Second - make “Subaru-san” to take off the mask. Very important moment, because he needs to talk without a mask. But look at page 6 carefully. He keeps mask close to his mouth (I think we can completely rule out “Okiya-san as Okiya-san” theory thanks to this, since there’s no need for separate person to change his voice). Like he’s talking through it, or there’s a speaker in it for Conan-kun to talk for him (which is more possible, since there’ll be no “two voices” effect this way, Amuro-san is too close after all). It’s really easy trick, but since Amuro-san is way too focused on Subaru-san’s neck, it works just fine.

An interesting thing about this part is that it looks like everything is set in a way to shock Amuro-san and not to let him to think straight for this exact moment without much thinking about what’ll happen after it. Like it’s this exact moment that matters, not what’ll happen afterwards. Right after Amuro-san checked that there is no voice changing collar (Agasa-hakase ruled out from the list of suspicious people), he’ll need some time to gather his thoughts and then he’ll get the trick for sure. It’s very easy after all. But that’s exactly where Akai-san showed himself. So, it’s one shock after another. And all that time we can see Yūsaku-san on the TV (it’s very possible that it's Yukiko-san in disguise, especially since “Yūsaku-san” on the TV didn’t talk yet), which looks like another psychological trick. Just to make Amuro-san see Yūsaku-san and don’t even think about the fact that it’s actually Yūsaku-san disguised as Subaru-san. The whole thing is live after all (news flash as a proof that it is a first time the show broadcasting?). Since Amuro-san is focused on conversation, such things can go directly into his mind without him thinking.

So, it looks like a game. A game, in which perfect timing is incredibly important. And that’s why next file should be really interesting. Because it’s time for another move. As is, Amuro will start thinking about current Okiya Subaru-san’s identity right away. And it’s either time to reveal it, or to do something to prevent Amuro-san from the next moves about Subaru-san. Or there’s more in it than meets the eye?

The hardest question is - what all of that was for? I mean, if they wanted to capture Amuro-san, it wasn’t that hard all that time. He was always around. No need for such complicated things. Like get him after his work in Poirot or something. So, here’s the question - why? First thought - to make Amuro believe that Okiya-san isn’t Akai-san, but what for? I mean, Akai-san already showed himself, no need for Subaru-san as a cover at all! Returned Akai-san is a fake? We can rule out this one too, since on the last page of File 896 we can clearly see that there’s no voice changing collar and that he talked with his voice without Conan-kun talking for him. So, it must be him and theory about Akai-san revealing himself as fake right after Amuro-san will be forced to leave Okiya-san doesn’t look promising at all.

Same goes with saving time for Hidemi-san (Kir). Akai-san is here. Confirmed. Which means that poor girl is half-dead already. Even if Amuro-san will be forced to think that Akai-san wasn’t disguised as Okiya-san, Akai-san is still alive and she won’t be able to talk herself out of it. To make Conan-kun out of it by making Amuro-san to believe that Akai-san was behind all that, not him? Hardly. Conan-kun is wa-a-ay too deep intoall that. Especially after latest files and cameras working against him.

So, why bother to go through such detailed and complicated plot with every little detail timed so well? After some thinking, I can see one possible explanation. The whole thing is made up, but not for Amuro-san to see. Simple like that. Amuro-san is bugged. With camera somewhere on his body, or near him. If we’ll go with Colonel Sebastian Moran reference (original Sherlock Holmes story, after which the whole Akai-san’s fake death modeled), Conan-kun made “dummy” Okiya-san, made “Colonel Moran” to “shoot” (Amuro-san to come) and now it’s time to capture “Colonel Moran”. But the thing is - Organization will be after one, who captured their agent. Okiya Subaru-san. But who is he?

Their first thought will be - if it isn’t Akai-san, then it’s the owner of the house - Kudō Yūsaku-san. It’s his house and he had like infinite possibilities to set up the trap. But if there’ll be a real time record with Yūsaku-san on the TV and it’ll be obvious that it isn’t a record, then he’ll be ruled out from the list and the only target Organization will get is mysterious Okiya Subaru, who’ll stop existing right after the next file. And therefore they’ll have no leads to captured Amuro, no one to blame, no one to kill, etc. Like Amuro-san was kidnapped by a ghost. Amuro-san’s capturing is very interesting thought all by himself. Because first - he can stay as hostage. While he’s alive, Organization will think twice before killing Hidemi-san. And second - he can be revealed as good guy (MI6 agent, secret police agent, whatever).

So, the whole thing is all about timing and it’s almost like Conan-kun and Co are filming a movie and using Amuro-san as one of the actors. And it may be even Amuro-san, who’s filming that movie for Organization (one of the things that bothers me is that he placed his phone on the table to look exactly on “Okiya-san”, he explained it well, but there may be another reason in it, like extra camera, which looks even more possible, since Amuro-san placed his phone very carefully to look in a certain way). Anyway, if we’ll assume that Amuro brought camera with him one way, or another, then the whole thing makes sense. Like Conan-kun didn’t want to capture him in usual way. He wanted a “ghost” to capture him. Capture him without a trace. With no one to blame. With video proof that rules out FBI (key members confirmed to be in Raiha Pass); Agasa-hakase (no his devices involved) and owner of the house (TV broadcast). In this way there’ll be nowhere to look for Amuro-san. Like when Organization looked for Kir, they was after FBI and there were a lot of problems in hiding her. Now FBI is out of it. Confirmed. Weren’t there. Who kidnapped Amuro-san? A “ghost”. Mysterious Okiya Subaru. A man that never existed. And therefore there’ll be nowhere to look. Of course, I’m thinking too much, as usual, and there can be any other things happening, but at least this way things makes sense for now. As usual, feel free to share your thoughts with me, or mail me with anything else about this text. I’ll be glad to read it.