actualreisen asked:

red sun from the metal gear rising soundtrack if ur still doing songs

sorry for not replying sooner

her real name is unknown

Red sun
Red sun over paradise
Red sun
Red sun over paradise
Golden rays of the glorious sunshine
Setting down, such a blood-red light

she was one of the keeper of an Eden-like island (similar to the setting of my other story, Lucid Dreamer)

Now the animals slowly retreat
To the shadows – out of sight
Arid breeze blows across the mountains
Giving flight to the birds of prey
In the distance machines come
To transform Eden – day by day

one day, humans urbanized the island and took all of the forest down (except for one desolate area where the god of that forest retreated to)

Only love is with us now
Something warm and pure

she and her fellow keepers had to rely on eachother for moral support

eventually they split apart and went their own separate ways

When the sun sets
We will not forget the
Red sun over paradise
Red sun

she was the only one who remembered the glory of what used to be “the Red Paradise”

(her nickname literally translates to “red sun” because I am a lazy butt)

Vindictus Update

I must say i love it! At first… it was confusing but it gets interesting after a while, my buddies and i managed to get to floor 40 D:, however, the lanns, evies and fionas get more brutal spotting higher lvl  gear and doing things we cant even do ourselves XD (ie jump and shoot magic arrows) Hopefully i wont freeze up and dc :/ and wont have to assist each time to continue D:.

Til Next time!

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