As you know due to my de-conspiring myself early, snartha, I am your Secret Santa this year. I must admit that I quaked a bit when I saw you were my recipient… because… well, you’re you, you’re amazing and I draw a lot of inspiration from your work. When I saw “Maedhros/Fingon, being adorable" on your wishlist (I mean what else was I gonna choose for the master of this ship?) my first though was that I’mma draw Lil’ Fingon giving his cousin a surprise kiss! A sequel to my previous attemptI got this!

… I didn’t got this. Not at first anyway. This drawing has been one of my most difficult so far, which is why I am so late in posting it. I post the second sketch (of an older, more mature Fingon) as a bonus and an apology for my delay (I had to get a hold of my Fingon’s look before I made him a child).

Happy Christmas Snartha! I hope you like these and I wish you a wonderful and fun celebration and a lucky New Year!