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  1. Eugene Roe (Band of Brothers)
  2. Charlie Luciano (Boardwalk Empire)
  3. Meyer Lansky (Boardwalk Empire)
  4. Benny Siegel (Boardwalk Empire)
  5. Angela Ianotti (Boardwalk Empire)
  6. Joe Liebgott (Band of Brothers)
  7. Will Graham (Hannibal)
  8. Rust Cohle (True Detective)
  9. Gus Fring aka Normcore Drug Lord of My Heart (Breaking Bad)

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anybody who wants to do it tbh! (i know that most of my mutuals have all ready done it, so feel free if ou haven’t) :)

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Do you have any tv show recommendations? I already watch arrow and supernatural. I'm on break and have time to kill so I I'd figure the best way is to binge watch. Thanks! Love your blog!

Thank you!

Well, I’ve several recs soooo here you gooooo

If you look for:

Comic book: Agent of Shield, The Flash, Agent Carter, Young Justice (it’s not a tv show but so worth it omfg).

Sci-fi/horror/fantasy: X-Files (must watch), Doctor Who aka S01-S05 + 6x04, Fringe, Once Upon a Time. I’d add Sleepy Hollow and Orphan Black, but I need to catch up with these two.

Comedy: Miranda, Brooklyn 99, Mindy Project,Young & Hungry, Boy Meets World, How I Met Your Mother

Drama: Elementary, Veep, How to Get Away with Murder, Gilmore Girls, My Mad Fat Diary, Dawson’s Creek, Bones

Period shows: Emma (BBC 2009), Lost in Austen, Sense and Sensibility (BBC 2008)

Web series (you find on youtube): Emma Approved, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

If you want something entertaining but not that great: Vampire Diaries.

state your favourite album, food, colour + describe your dress style, hair, crush, otp + pass this onto five people // tagged by ivorysteel (you’re my fave too, but you knew that already)

  • album: 1989 - Taylor Swift
  • food: thin crust pizza with lots of toppings (olives, spinach, capsicum, mushroom, sun-dried tomato, onion, rocket etc.)
  • colour: blue
  • dress style: heeled ankle boots + sheer black tights + shorts/skirt + loose t-shirt (usually in dark colours)
  • hair: black/faded brown/bleached ends + past waist-length + side fringe (aka i need a haircut asap); i wear it out or in a ponytail
  • crush: Taylor Swift; i just have a lot of feelings about her character development/growth :)))
  • otp: all the ones where one of them usually dies *cough*

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Olivia x peter

vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying /i will ship them in hell

For anyone unfamiliar with these characters allow me to introduce you to Polivia from Fringe


The canon ship

To which I compare

All canon ships

where is the media coverage for the M4L?

nowhere, because they like to ignore a problem until it goes away (even if said problem is over half a million people made up of 60% women marching in the capitol).

the little bit of media that IS covered, they show shots of the fringes (aka where the marchers are spaced out more, to make it look like there’s less people), they like to find angry-looking white men and ignore all the young (and colored) people, and thoroughly enjoy dumbing down the numbers to only “a few thousand”

social media will continue to fight for Ferguson marches (good), but make no effort for another march that’s also for people’s rights (bad).

welcome to America