Everything is impossible until someone figures out a way to do it.
*comes back*
And when I say someone, I mean me
—  Helena Wells to Caturanga, at some point in the 1890s

The INSAS (Indian Small Arms System) is the Indian Military’s standard Assault rifle, over the years the rifle has been developed with modifications made. The current version being supplied to the Indian Military is the 1b1 (with black furniture and improved reliability).

The last three pictures are of the MCIWS (Multi-Calibre Infantry Weapon System) the rifle being developed to replace the INSAS. As the name denotes the rifle will come be able to switch between multiple calibres (5.56mm 6.8mm and 7.62mm) so as to replace the INSAS as the Indian Army’s “battle rifle”- the INSAS  and the “counter insurgency rifle”- the AK-47 family used by the Indian Army in counter insurgency operations. The MCIWS will be adopted under the Indian Army’s F-INSAS (Futuristic Infantry Soldier As a System) program. 

Travel 10

Hey deathtodickens , here’s some more life for you… let’s see if some people can get some traction, shall we? Before the next round of narrative difficulty ensues, that is. Incidentally, grumpyyetamusing , I have not forgotten what was discussed over on Twitter regarding this story—though I regret to inform that it is not yet time for the envisioned scenarios. (Have patience, though.) I appreciate everybody’s patience throughout part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, and part 9.

Travel 10

On Saturday morning, Steve and Christina are preparing to go museuming, as they do regularly. It is LACMA today; there is an exhibition of, in Christina’s words, “creepy pictures of dolls,” and she is very excited to see them. Her enthusiasm is quite odd, the adults have agreed, given that Christina in general hates dolls and won’t have them in the house. Stuffed and plastic animals are fine, but not human figures. Helena asks her if she will be able to sleep through the night after she sees these creepy pictures, and Christina rolls her eyes: “It’s not really dolls. It’s art, Mom.”

“You woke up screaming for three nights straight after you watched that strange animated Barbie-doll movie with your friends. And that was not really dolls, either.”

“It wasn’t art,” Christina tells her.

Steve says, “I’ll pull the plug if it gets too weird.”

“You just mean if it gets too weird for you,” Christina accuses.

“You bet that’s what I mean.”

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user-64 said:

its kinda sad because the only time you draw wiggles is for announcements. Like back in the day when someone would yell "dog" and you'd be like "hella" and draw wiggles as a dog. like wow.

Yeahhh, it is sad! I wish I had more time to just draw silly stuff like that, too. Buuut I’m a busy busy Wiggles. AKS updates have gotten way more complex than the ‘here’s two panels on a never-changing gradient background’, life outside Tumblr has gotten busier, blah blah blah. And since I spend all day working on a computer and most of my time away from work doing freelance graphics or drawing for AKS / Patreon, I’d prefer spending whatever free time I have away from a computer. So, drawing Wiggly doodles isn’t as relaxing as it used to be.