The matter of Derek and Meredith’s seemingly at-odds career paths will continue to intensify. “Derek is not wrong for wanting what he wants, and Meredith is not wrong for wanting what she wants,” explains series creator Shonda Rhimes. “It doesn’t make him a misogynist because he wants to follow his career. And it doesn’t make her wrong for wanting to stick to her guns and fight for what she wants to do. It puts them in a difficult position.” Between the marital woes, the “very interesting” complications triggered by the reveal of her surprise half-sister Maggie and the recent loss of her “person” Cristina, Mer will be on the prowl for a new shoulder to lean on. Enter Alex. “They’ve always had a very close relationship that didn’t need a lot of work because they had a million other people there,” she notes. “Now it’s just the two of them; they become closer out of necessity.” Callie and Arizona’s foray into surrogacy “brings up some issues,” while April and Jackson brace for their own new arrival later in the season — although how much later remains in flux, in light of Sarah Drew’s real-life pregnancy. “[Sarah] is more pregnant than April, so we have some math we’re trying to figure out,” shares Rhimes. “But we are not accelerating [April’s pregnancy]. We already have the first part of our season planned, and nobody’s giving birth in the first nine episodes.”

BONUS SPOILER | Rumor has it sparks will indeed fly between Owen and Amelia (newly-minted series regular Caterina Scorsone).

RETURN DATE | Thursday, Sept. 25 at 8/7c (ABC)

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[1 x 11] → The Dance

[2 x 11] → The Smile

[3a x 11] → The Kiss

[3b x 11] → The Run Back

[4 x 11] → X

once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern

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Brad Nolan has uploaded The Killers September 11, 2004 show at Metro Chicago in full with soundboard audio on YouTube.

10 years ago I filmed @TheKillersMusic @MetroChicago. Here it is, soundboard audio & all. #Legendary @redeyechicago

— Brad (@Brad_Nolan)

September 1, 2014

Many thanks to Michele Pantano via Twitter for the link.

Meta Me This: Promise to the Dead

After taking a break from my usual episodic Meta of the episode last week, I have returned this week full force and ready to once again provide an episodic reaction to what was just witnessed.  And just, well damn, that was a roller coaster, and next week’s 75 minutes are going to be hell.  I’ll say that right now.  Hope y’all are ready for that roller coaster ride.

So here we go: Promise to the Dead —


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I’ve seen photosets and gifests of this scene but not a video, so here’s an attempt for the expectations of 12.

how long can a post title actually be like is there a limit or can this be as long as i want like whats the deal here i feel like there should be a limit on how long titles on posts can be cause its supposed to just be the title not the post itself but at the same time there needs to be freedom of expression so maybe there is not limit but i want to test it but i dont know i cant type forever if it really can be as long as i want it to be the possibilities are endless like what if i decide there isnt a character limit but there actually is and i just gave up before i reached it so i feel compelled to keep typing even though no one really cares and no one is going to read this but i really need to know okay i just feel like i have to know this why can a title even be this long at all its kinda pissing me off wait what if there is a character limit but it just doesnt tell you like what if it lets you keep typing but when you actually post it it cuts it off what if that happens but what if it doesnt i dont know if i should just stop typing now i probably should but i have this urge to continue like its my destiny to find out whether or not theres a character limit i know i could probably look this up somewhere or jsut copy/paste something really long but you know what im doing this the good old fashioned way actually im getting kinda bored cheers to you if you read this whole thign goodbye

Honestly when I die, I don’t want anyone to be sad or cry or mourn me.

Just celebrate my life and like throw a party or something. 

Like just make it as sad as a high school graduation where we all just watch bloopers of my life and be like “OH! THOSE WERE GOOD TIMES!”  

Because I would have graduated life.