Days 11-20 of my YouTube Inktober Project. Admittedly I didn’t actually use ink for this project, but I tried to make the line art look ink-ish. So kill me.

11.) Markiplier

12.) Hannah Hart

13.) Smosh

14.) Michelle Phan

15.) Daneboe, Annoying Orange

16.) Meghan Tonjes

17.) Flula

18.) Jenna Marbles

19.) Epic Meal Time

20.) Bethany Mota

Late night revelation...

Okay so for a while I’ve thought of Emma and Killian’s relationship paralleling that of Rapunzel and Eugene’s, as many have….
I was pondering it tonight when I saw a post about Rapunzel and the fact that she is Elsa abd Anna’s cousin…
Guys, who is Elsa and Anna’s aunt?

The Snow Queen…

Who is also one of Emma’s foster mothers…

Just going to leave this here for people to ponder