Take the Box
  • Take the Box
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Frank

"I came home this evening and nothing felt like how it should be
I feel like writing you a letter but that is not me, you know me
Feel so fucking angry, don’t wanna be reminded of you
But when I left my shit in your kitchen,
I said goodbye to your bedroom and it smelled like you

Mr. False pretense, you don’t make sense
I just don’t know you
But you make me cry, where’s my kiss goodbye?
I think I love you



Aja Kong vs Akira Hokuto.

This one is amazing, two experts in the ring with totally different put equally intimidating styles putting each other over. And two of my favorite entrances to boot.

Look out for the wicked jumping piledriver Aja lands on Hokuto, you’ll know it when you see it.