Take the Box
  • Take the Box
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Frank

"I came home this evening and nothing felt like how it should be
I feel like writing you a letter but that is not me, you know me
Feel so fucking angry, don’t wanna be reminded of you
But when I left my shit in your kitchen,
I said goodbye to your bedroom and it smelled like you

Mr. False pretense, you don’t make sense
I just don’t know you
But you make me cry, where’s my kiss goodbye?
I think I love you



Unfortunately, Amy will not accomplish never actually thirty years, but Amy will stop living only when we stop to listen and quote you, Amy will never cease to live … we miss you so much … Happy Birthday Queen …

Purtroppo Amy non compirà mai concretamente trent’anni, ma Amy smetterà di vivere solo quando smetteremo di ascoltarla e citarla, Amy non smetterà mai di vivere…ci manchi tanto…buon compleanno regina…

Sometimes, I ask myself if Tumblr´s special snowflakes are like that in real life.

Did they come out to their parents as multiqueer demi-asexual omnigenders, and had a long talk about it explaining to them in which multiple ways they´re fucked up?

Do they get as obnoxious and pissed at their real friends when they forget which fantasy pronoun they prefer this week, or what gender they define as from 3 - 6 pm?

Until now, I haven´t met one in real life, and I hope I never will. But I´m still really curious.